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Dealing With Croup And Stridor In 1 Year Old Twins

Author: Jennifer C.
Date: 05-13-2014
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The reason I wanted to start using essential oils was to find a way to help my babies battle croup. Out of 7 children, I have 3 who seem to be very susceptible. Lately every cold (which of course my two1 year old children get once a month) turns into a battle with croup.

If you have never dealt with croup (especially with stridor), it is extremely scary because your sweet sleeping child (it always seems to attack during the night) suddenly starts coughing like a seal. And with stridor, which creates a loud, high-pitched whistle due to a constricted airway, you know they are not getting the air they need.

We started using essential oils just this past January, and I began researching croup. We have found that Marjoram and Thyme can halt an attack. I have a glass roll-on, filled with 5 drops of each oil and two pumps of V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, sitting on my children's dresser. I have labeled it "Croup Roll On".

Anytime I notice that they have a runny nose or hoarseness to their voice/cry, I will apply my blended oils directly on the front of their neck and on the bottom of their feet before laying them down to sleep.

If they start to cough or have an attack, I can quickly apply it to their neck and feet and make a warm Thieves oil blend tea for my older son.

Here are some other things that I do if I feel an attack is possible during the night:

I put 2 drops of Thyme, 2 drops of Marjoram, and 2 drops of Myrtle in the diffuser and run it continuously throughout the night.

I will also give the children a bath with Thieves, Peace & Calming oil blends and Myrtle added to epsom salts.

If there is congestion in their nose, I will alternate between Lavender oil and Myrtle applied to their T-zone and down either side of their nose under the eyes anytime they wake during the night. (Have extra carrier oil handy if they swipe it in their eye.)

We have stayed out of the emergency room and off the steroids used to treat croup thus far due to these precious oils.

I am so thankful for Young Living Essential Oils!

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