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Date: 04-23-2014
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I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus in 2011. I had recently lost my job and just assumed all of my symptoms were brought about due to stress from my job and now being unemployed. I was losing my hair fast and suffering with recurring fatigue and a lot of discomfort in my joints. I may have looked fine to people, but little did they know that I was having a lot of discomfort day to day.

One day in May I collapsed. My body just gave out, and I was admitted to and stayed in the hospital for the next 5 months. During this time I was so weak and going through extensive distressing rehabilitation to relearn how to write my name, feed myself, stand on my own, and walk again. At the end of September 2011, I was finally strong enough to go home, though I was on a walker.

In January 2013 I suffered a major flare up and was in the hospital again for a week. This time the doctors did a biopsy and confirmed that I had developed lupus nephritis, which affects the kidneys. They also put me on Cytoxan, a chemotherapy-like drug that had so many negative side effects that I just lost count.

In February 2013, after going through a few rounds of chemotherapy, I hit my breaking point. I had had enough, and my body was getting sicker. I was suffering with sleeplessness, a lot of joint discomfort, recurring aching in my head, swelling of the feet and eyes, heart beating fast, hair loss, low energy, plus kidney and skin problems.

So I started working with an alternative doctor via the Internet and phone consultations using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils both externally (Wintergreen and Lavender Essential Oils, and many Raindrop Technique oils) and internally (Juniper, Frankincense, and Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oils, and Purification Essential Oil Blend).

I began drinking NingXia Red Drink, taking Sulfurzyme Capsules (for healthy hair), using K & B liquid (for kidney support), taking Mineral Essence Ionic Mineral Complex and taking Super B tablets.

I was getting Raindrop Technique treatments and doing weekly acupuncture as well. My diet did change a little but not much. I incorporated bone broths and I stayed away from sugar, as this is a major trigger for me.

I now use Young Living products to manage my symptoms. Most days I wake up with no physical manifestations. I feel like I've gotten my life back!

Finally, I must stress that not only did the oils help me tremendously, but YOU MUST HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE throughout this process. Prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, and my faith are things that helped me to make it through this very dark time in my life. I wish you life's finest in your journey to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

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Supporting Scientific Studies
1.Associated topics: autoimmune-diseases — "DHEA [a component of PD 80/20], an androstene hormone [precursor to estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisone, and other hormones], has been shown to possess a wide range of beneficial biological effects mainly attributed to immune system modulation.... thus leading to beneficial effects in diverse human diseases including resistance to infection, neuroprotection, wound healing, diabetes, hepatic injury, cardiovascular disease, and cancer."Link
2.Associated topics: kidneys — "Many plant extracts that protect against the development of oxidative stress manifest clear antilithiasic activity [preventing the formation of or relieving the symptoms of kidney stones].... Evidence obtained to date supports a contributory role of polyphenols [present in essential oils] in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, some cancer types, and osteoporosis.... The results show an improvement of the renal function in some treated groups with an increase of diuresis and creatinine excretion due to polyphenols pretreatment. Our results clearly validate the ability of polyphenols to protect against papillary calcification of kidney tissue, consequently preventing the development of papillary calculi [kidney stones].... The collective findings to date support a protective effect of polyphenols on kidney tissue. Thus, considering that injury of papillary tissue constitutes the first step in the development of COM papillary calculi, the antioxidant action of polyphenols may contribute significantly to their antilithiasic action."Link
3.Associated topics: autoimmune-diseases — "Immunomodulatory activity of frankincense oil: Biologically, the oil exhibited a strong immunostimulant activity (90% lymphocyte transformation) when assessed by a lymphocyte proliferation assay."Link
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