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Holistic Regimen For Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Author: Rachel F.
Date: 04-08-2014
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We used a mixture of essential oils. Each one was recommended online to help with brown recluse spider bites. Since only one or two had a story to go along with them, my trust level was rather low.

We used four groups of Young Living essential oils:
1. Antibiotic type
2. Healing/broad helping type
3. Aids circulation type
4. Recommended by others

All told we used: Oregano, Thieves, Purification, Thyme, Basil, Lavender, Melissa, Helichrysum, Melrose, Myrrh

Every two hours we used one from each group. After a few days we got in a pretty good groove. Wake up and shower, oils, eat breakfast, wash dishes, oils, milk cows, oils, chores, oils, lunch, chores, oils, etc.

Three times a day we also added in the exotic fruit juices that have amazing claims like mangosteen and NingXia Red. We figured Matt needed every advantage to help his immune system!

That Monday and Tuesday I was able to get a whole bunch of oils from two friends. By now Matt had a fever. Our alarm level was in high alert. We started the treatment protocol and sent an email asking for prayers.

We saw virtually no change over the course of the next week. It was difficult sometimes to know if we made the right choice. We would talk it over and evaluate our decision again. We always chose the same course.

We used Benadryl to keep inflammation down. I didn't trust the oils yet. The Benadryl made Matt very sleepy and nearly unable to think. Ugh! We are really opposed to drugs, but the swelling was quite extraordinary without it. That was adding fuel to the fear fire.

As we neared the one-week mark, Matt discontinued the Benadryl during the day; he just couldn't work. He took it only at night. Now the daytime swelling was extreme, but we had a bit of confidence, as our oil treatment seemed to be working.

People lovingly sent ideas from the research they had done. We tried Young Living Animal Scents salve for one day. Ack! Too scary. It seemed likely it would break the fragile skin open, and we didn't want that. We continued with the oils.

At around two weeks we noticed an opening starting. As the skin sloughed off, the muscle that had been liquified was coming to the surface. It looked like a scab. The fear returned. We watched. We prayed. We waited. It grew and spread. Above all we didn't want a big open sore prone to infection. We were surprised as more of it opened up. It looked like a scab.

Ahh! One day we realized the scab was the former muscle tissue that had been necrotic and now turned into dried jerky. It was dehydrated... I assume from the oils. There was a collective sigh of relief as we watched in amazement as the new skin (scar tissue) grew, and the scab shrank.

Interesting to note: At this stage with a scab and new tissue adjacent, when Matt rubbed on the oils that were antibacterial in property, they would seep down into the wound and bubble up pus much like hydrogen peroxide. Fascinating!

Now we were sure we were doing the right thing. Matt tried the Animal Scents salve again since now we had this ooze coming out and needed to cover it with a bandage. He liked it this time.

Now just the deepest sections remained to heal. The scar tissue is very thick but is so awesome to see. To think how much worse it could have been! I am in awe. We are feeling blessed.

I can't say I know much about Young Living essential oils, but I am learning! All this occurred last summer. He lost no muscle tissue. He has only a 3-inch scar.

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