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Ribs Were Overlapping After Being Buried Alive

Author: Tamara S.
Skill: Reiki Practitioner
Date: 03-07-2014
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I have been given permission by my client to share this. I know the power of these oils... but I am still amazed.

The recipient of this Raindrop was a man in his 40's who had been buried alive in a trench/construction accident nearly 8 years ago. His ribs were overlapping each other; his spine looks like a child's stack of blocks, twisting this direction and that. One rib looks like it is trying to push out his back. He lost part of one lung during this too.

He has been in so much pain, but he HATES taking the prescribed meds because of the side effects. But there are days he cannot operate at all without taking them. For the last 7 years he has not known a day without pain. He has tried acupuncture, chiropractic, and just about every other methodology known.

His wife came to one of the classes that we put on. She was asking me about different things, and the Raindrop Technique came up. I shared with her some of the things that have happened with other clients that I have had. She asked if I would come do one on her husband.... but didn't tell him anything except that a woman was coming to talk to him about oils and possible pain management.

I got there, and he was a bit agitated. He really didn't want to take the time away from working (he is a knifemaker by trade in his own shop). He saw my table and looked at her. He was not pleased. But between her and their son, he finally sat down to listen to what I had to say and what I was going to do.

I explained all of the basics to him, how every system in his body would get addressed by the oils and how the phenols, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes worked. And we went through height measurements and such. You could tell his heart wasn't really in it, but he did want relief.

As I worked on his feet, he asked me about the oils. (Note: Due to his injuries, I added RC for the lungs and Copaiba and Clove for the muscles and pain.) I explained each oil and their purpose, as he asked.

When I got to his back, he had a hard time relaxing the shoulders. (They too were very damaged in the accident.) I added Clove and Copaiba to them to help him relax. He winced as the drops hit his back, not that the oil was cold, but it felt like the oils were breaking thru barriers that had been built up.

As I started the finger circles, he started moaning as his muscles were pulled away from the spine (in a good way). After doing the thumb Vita Flex and then the finger straddles he actually told me, "I was so worried about making the almighty dollar that I didn't want to do this. Now I don't want you to stop." I could see his body relax into the table more and more.

When he was done and finally sat up drinking some water, I saw him stretching one shoulder slightly to the right and then the other to the left, sitting up straight and going through the motions. When I asked him if he was okay, he said, "I'm just looking for the pain." He couldn't find it!

When I measured him, he gained 5/8 of an inch! At this point he was smiling, and you could see the lightheartedness in his face. Then there was the lack of tension. He said he felt the rubber bands in his back and body release.

His wife texted me Saturday (the day after the Raindrop). Her text read: "Steve had no pain this a.m.; he has just a little stiffness but has more energy." She told me that after the Raindrop Technique he went out to the shop and worked until 11:30 p.m.

She called me this morning (Sunday). He used on his lower back the sample bottle of Clove/Copaiba blend I left him and felt it loosen a bit. She said that Saturday he got up, moved 5 round bales, unloaded a cord of wood, and worked in his shop until nearly 2 a.m. He was up this morning with NO PAIN still! He cannot believe the energy he is feeling. Normally when he would put in a day like Saturday, he would not be able to function the next day.

Update: 6 days later...

Steve felt the first minor twinges of pain on the evening of day 3 (Monday).

Day 5 his wife could see it in his face again. He was in pain; however, he said the intensity was nowhere as bad as before.

He got another Raindrop session on day 7, with another 5/8 inch gained.

One more note: He said he was amazed by his energy, even more so by the mental clarity he had. He felt like he had stepped back in time with mental clarity!

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