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Steroids & Antibiotics Failed My Fluid-Filled Ears

Author: Carol A.
Date: 02-26-2014
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The temperatures in my area swing wildly during the spring and fall. This past fall I had a terrible time with sinus issues.

I caught a cold in October and got through it with the RC and Raven oil blends plus Peppermint. I applied several drops neat (2-4) to my ears and neck. I also used Inner Defense gel capsules, however I ran out of Inner Defense and did not restock since I was beginning to feel better. Big mistake!

The pressure in my ears and the sinus pain began to build, and I just couldn't seem to find an oil in my arsenal that would help. It was also affecting my hearing. I thought maybe this is a time I need to go to the doctor.

Reluctantly I went and got some antibiotics, making sure to continue taking the Young Living Life 5 probiotic. After coming to the end of the medication, the pain and pressure weren't much better and began once again to get worse.

Back to the doctor I went. My ears were full of fluid, but there was no infection. Doctors call this "otitis media with effusion." The pain and pressure were wearing on me. The doctor gave me a prescription of steroids for the inflammation that was preventing the fluid from draining. The next step would be a specialist. I reluctantly took the steroids, but they were still no help.

So I turned earnestly to finding a solution with the oils. I found a testimonial here that described a situation that was similar to mine. That person used 2-4 drops of the Thieves oil blend on the throat and a few drops of the Purification oil blend around the ears. It never dawned on me to use Purification.

I started diffusing the Purification blend by my bed at night and put it on a cotton ball placed in the "well" of my worst ear and around my ears several times a day. I used a carrier oil with it because my skin is sensitive to Lemongrass, which is in the Purification blend. I put 2-4 drops of Thieves in a vegetable capsule and took two of those a day.

Within a day or two the fluid began to drain, and the pain and pressure were relieved, AND I could hear clearly again! I continued this routine for a couple of weeks.

There is a time to go to a doctor, and everyone has to decide that for themselves. I did go to the doctor, but, for me in this instance, the oils were the best solution. Next time I will make sure to stock up on Inner Defense, and I'll not stop searching for a solution with Young Living Essential Oils for whatever ails me.

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