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My Hip Replacement Surgery Was A Success

Author: Deborrah C.
Skill: Nurse
Date: 11-12-2013
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At age 45 I found myself having a total hip replacement due to osteoarthritis (avascular necrosis). I was new to using essential oils but wanted to use them both to prepare for surgery and to help with recovery. With the help of my sponsor, and lots of research I was able to come up with a plan.

Prior to surgery I applied a combination of the following oils rotating them and applying them Vita Flex daily: Frankincense (strengthen immune system), Helichrysum (cell regenerative), Lavender (would healing, cell regenerative), Rosemary (circulatory stimulant), Lemongrass (connective tissue repair), and Melaleuca Alternifolia (antiviral/microbial/bacterial support, enhance immune system).

The day of surgery, I used the Morphine Bomb (5 drops Frankincense, Copaiba, Balsam Fir in a capsule) between the pain pump. I found these lasted me about 2 hours but were helpful to get me to the next available dose from the pain pump.

On day two and for the first couple days at home I began using the following pain blend about every 3 hours (10 corps Vetiver, Valerian, 5 drops Helichrysum, Clove, 3 drops Peppermint in a capsule). I applied Melrose, Helichrysum and Lavender (1-2 drops each diluted with squirt of V-6) around the dressing on my hip while in the hospital twice a day.

Once home, the pain seemed to be more in the thigh, buttocks, and lower leg. For this pain my husband massaged my leg (from hip to toe) with Marjoram, and then Copaiba (2-3 drops each diluted with V-6). This was the best pain relief and was repeated several times throughout the day/night for pain. I did get a slight fever for which I created an "antibiotic capsule" (10 drops Lemon, 8 drops Mountain Savory, 3 drops Oregano in a capsule). One capsule took care of the fever, and I took one more for good measure (6 hours later).

I was told by the physician at my 2 weeks check up that I was walking better than most of his patients. I had physical therapy at home for 3 weeks (3 times a week) and I did my exercises 3x day religiously. At 2 weeks I graduated to using the walker when no furniture or walls were close by, completely trading it in for a cane at 3 weeks, and then to no supportive walking device at 3 1/2 weeks.

To help with incisional healing, I used a combination of the following oils (rotating them) daily applying them to the incision and area around it: Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lemongrass, Lavender (I used 1-2 drops diluted with squirt of V-6 to help cover more area).

I am so thankful to have had these wonderful oils to help me not only heal, but to do so expeditiously.

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