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A Popping And Crackling Sound Came From My Hip

Author: Elsie T.
Date: 10-18-2013
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One day I stooped down to get birthday card which was at the bottom of the rack. When I started getting up my hips had a noise like popping or crackling. It was very painful to straighten up. Slowly I got my Deep Relief in the front pocket of my pants. I always carry Breathe Again and Deep Relief since the two fit nicely. I have some different oils in my back pack.

I go to place where I have to cover. I pull my shirt and pull down a little bit my pants and rub the painful lower back parts, and keep praying by the stripes of Jesus I am healed. It take so long that the sales lady came over and asked what is going on. I told her what happen and I am trying to massage myself to relieve me of my pain so I can go on. Then she left me alone. I don't want her to know or she will call 911 which I do not want to bring me to the Emergency or hospital. It takes so long before I was able to walk little by little. I return all the groceries in my basket and leave the birthday card which was the most important reason I was there. Then slowly going to the cashier to pay.

Then the ordeal began, how can I walk for 3 blocks and go to the bus stop at Russia, for my Bus 29? I really did not think good, may be black out. Not thinking to take a taxi, just focus on slowly walking one step at a time, inch by inch. Then I put the paper bag on my left hand, the left hip was hurting, transfering the weight to the hurting side. The pain subsided a little bit, and I was able to walk a little bit, and the pain was bearable.

Sipping the NingXia Red 1 ounce packet, I always have with me 3 to 4 packets in my bag. I was able reach the bus stop and was home about 4 pm. As soon as I put everything away I got the essential oils reference book and looked at the bone fracture, hip fracture, broken bone, and all bone problems. I got all the oils available and lined them up in front of me.

Broken Bone
I use first Valor followed by:

1. Thyme, Aroma Siez, PanAway
2. Helichrysum, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Spruce, Idaho Balsam Fir and Pine
3. Relieve It

Bone Pain
Same as #2 above
Oils are almost the same

1. Idaho Balsam Fir, Wintergreen and Aroma Siez
2. Basil, Pine, Spruce, Cypress and Peppermint

I rub it very gently on my back and wherever it hurts, layering one oil at a time, until every oil was used. I also put them on the soles of my feet, the temples, the mastoid, the sPine almost every part of my body that I could reach. Then I fall asleep very deep sleep I did not know my daughter came.

When I woke up I can't move, I can't get up to the bathroom. About 1 am I put the oils on again and praying how can I get up. So I try to slide, can not be, I don't know what happened I was able to use urinal which about 5 inches high, the problem is I can not get up. It takes so long, until I feel another urge to go again. But I have to get up and be on bed before my daughter wake up and go to work and see me in my room in that position. I have to lie down and pretend, I am sleeping. I don't want her to know or she will bring me to the hospital and the doctors will give me a hip replacement.

When she left in the morning to work, she thinks I am still sleeping and when she comes in the evening she thinks I am already asleep. After she left for work, I am alone, since I can not use that urinal again because it is hard to get up and then I have to dispose it in the toilet and clean which is very hard work, So I have to crawl to the bathroom, and even to the sink. I am just so happy if she calls me and said, Mom I had a late lunch, because that means she will not eat when she comes home. In days that she will eat at home, I just told her to warm some food in the fridge. And sometimes she brought home some food for her to eat.

I also make the blend for bone healing which 8 drops Idaho Balsam Fir and 6 drops Helichrysum. I also make the Broken Bone Blend per essential oils reference book page 356. And also put the all the oils of the Raindrop Technique in one 15ml bottle 10 drops each and fill it with Ortho ease. I also rub it on my sPine up to the parts that I can reach and then I put in on my feet in almost all over the acupuncture or reflexology or Vita Flex points of my body are being utilized. I also use Palo Santo to regenerate my bones and Valor to re-align my bones. The last of all this oils I put is the Peppermint, because Cherie Ross said it pushes the oils to where it belongs or what cell of the body really needs the particular oil.

This goes on for 3 days, and praise the Lord! When I wake up on Friday about 7 am, there was no pain whatsoever and I jumped and praise the Lord sing praises to him and thanking Him for what He has done. When I rub or massage the oil I pray, By the Stripes of Jesus I am healed, and you are the God that healeth me. I sang healing songs, You are the Lord my healer. And thanking Him for my healing, even before He give me the healing. Or even before I received my healing. Because I believe He is the Healer and the oil is the medium or the vehicle that He like us to use as He commanded us in the Bible. Anointing with oils and pray.

This happened Jan 3, 2011 and up to Friday the 7th when I woke up healed. I run out PanAway. To date I still use those blends I make.

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