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An Upper Respiratory Infection

Author: Angelaa Howard
Skill: Colon Hygienist
Location: WI, United States
Posted: 08-09-2005
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My children are usually all in good health but when they get sick it always manifests as an URI (Upper resp. infection). Wheezing from the lungs is not uncommon for me to hear when it would get bad. I have had it where I thought they had pneumonia that breathing got so labored and the wheezing sound was alarming.

I used Immupower along the spine with the raindrop oils and Frankincense all over the chest with RC Blend. All Young Living Essential Oils of course. The wheezing immediately stops! Of course this needs to be repeated all through out the day to get a handle on the infection but with Ningxia Red every two hours (1-3oz) and Immupro 2-3 , 3x a day, it is gone within 2 days max! They get instant relief from the oils.

Also when they spike a fever- which they do, I use Peppermint on their feet and tummy and lavender all over the body. Not even pharmacueticals can give that type of relief! I have worked in a hospital prior to my career change and the usual course for my kids would've been an inhaler (steroid), decongestant, antibotic, and cough suppressant with a sleep aid! Who needs that when you have essential oils! Thank you GOD for these powerful oils!

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