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The Natural Way To Get Rid Of Pests From Your Home

Author: Elizabeth Hatcher
Location: OH, United States
Posted: 05-01-2013
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Word Length: 147
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About two months ago I came home to a whole string of ants marching between my back door and the trash can in my kitchen. I had read that the Purification oil could help to repel bugs and ants. I have two young children at home, and I wanted to use something to get rid of the ants that wouldn't hurt my kids.

I decided to put three drops on a cotton ball and wiped down the door frame, and the trail the ants were walking. In the next five minutes there were no new ants, and the ones that had stuck around were curling up and dying (and my kitchen smelled fresh, not like chemicals).
Also, I DIDN'T SEE ANOTHER ANT IN MY KITCHEN FOR THREE WEEKS! I have only had to reapply the oil to the door frame twice in the past two months.

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