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What A Difference In My Adrenal Fatigue!

Author: Hannah Simonsen
Skill: Doula
Location: AR, United States
Posted: 03-29-2013
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Keywords: fatigued, tired, menopause

After trying many herbal and other natural therapeutic remedies for adrenal fatigue and diagnosed Addison's, I was introduced to essential oils. What a difference in the last month!

In the morning I place 1 drop of frankincense and alternate 1 drop of valor or 1 drop of Thieves with a tad of coconut oil in my palm and rub clockwise til just blended together. Then mask my hand over my face and breathe in three times deeply.

Then I rub the remainder on my neck and behind my ears. Frankincense has been shown to reduce cortisol by about 40%, and with adrenal fatigue, cortisol is a big issue which we know puts that nasty weight around the lower belly.

At night, I use the same method and use 1 drop frankincense and 1 drop of Peace & Calming. If I'm having a rough night and feel insomnia creeping in, I add another drop of frankincense.

Through the day, I sip on lemon oil (1 drop to every 16 ounces of water) which helps cleanse and curb the cravings for sugar (which you get when your body is soooo tired).

So far, I have noticed a tremendous improvement, and can only expect continued healing.

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