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Chemotherapy After A Mastectomy

Author: Justyna G.
Skill: Equine Therapist
Date: 01-08-2013
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In 2012 after mastectomy I took 6 doses of chemotherapy consisting of: 3 doses of "FEC" and 3 doses of "Taxotere". My own procedures were as follows:

During FEC treatment:

- One glass of birch juice on empty stomach every morning
- Frankincense on my feet twice per day
- Shorter or longer version of Raindrop Technique
- NingXia Red
- One drop of Ocotea per day to control diarrhea

As FEC causes vomiting and nausea for a couple of days after perfusion, I was prescribed drugs preventing it. After the 1st perfusion these drugs worked perfectly, after the 2nd one I supported myself with Peppermint as drugs were not enough, after the 3rd one I took Peppermint and DiGize, as it was getting more and more difficult to prevent nausea.

Just after perfusion I was weak and spending my time in bed, but 3-5 days later I could leave bed more or less permanently. I have discovered that if I drank NingXia Red, about 60 ml, I could go on with my day in a pretty normal way, whatever is normal during chemotherapy, for 5-6 hours, after that I had to take more NingXia Red juice.

My friend, who is a nurse was amazed that my skin was perfect and soft during that time. I lost hair on my head but I kept eyelashes and eyebrows. My period stayed normal and regular.


This drug is a different story. No vomiting, no nausea but serious damage to the body:

- Nails can fall off, so I prevented it rubbing Purification twice a day. There is a separate testimonial about my nails.

- I kept my periods during the time of 2 perfusions but after the 3rd one they disappeared. Unfortunately I stopped taking Frankincense on my feet as I ran out of it. By the time I got my oil back, the damage was done.

- I kept drinking NingXia Red every day and having Raindrop Technique from time to time.

- Generally I weathered chemo pretty well, but looking back I think I could have done even better. If I could give an advice to anybody taking chemotherapy:

- Take as much NingXia Red as you can afford, 30, 60 ml per day or more, if you can take one glass - even better.

- Take as much of Frankincense as you can afford: massage it on feet once, twice per day and take it internally.

- Protect digestive system with Peppermint and DiGize even if you don't have nausea.

- Saturate your body with any oils and supplements that you like or think of, they might help, focus on your liver. Oils will one way or the other protect internal organs in your body.

- Apply Purification on your feet before perfusion will help the body to eliminate toxins.

- Use any version of Raindrop Technique, short of long - or at least a couple of drops of Frankincense on you back.

- I don't have any experience with ancient oils apart from Frankincense and Myrrh, but I would trust them too.

- I didn't have a diffuser at that time, now I would have kept it going non stop.

Chemo with oils is much, much easier, I wish everybody courage and luck. I cannot imagine my life without Young Living oils now, thank you Gary Young, thank you, thank you from all my heart.

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