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A Successful Response To A Food Allergy And Hives

Author: Zoe Y.
Skill: Massage Therapist
Date: 12-25-2012
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I had an allergic reaction to shellfish last night. It started 30 minutes after eating, at around 9:30 pm, with stomach cramps. I put two drops of DiGize under my tongue. Twenty minutes later, I put two drops of Peppermint under my tongue. Then I went to bed. Two hours later, my palms began to itch like crazy. At 11pm I consulted This was my response:

5 drops of Lavender on my palms - rubbed together waited 5min - no response
5 drops of Peppermint on my hands - rubbed together waited 5min - no response
5 drops of Lavender in a capsule waited 5min - no response
2 drops of Lavender under the tongue waited 5min - my feet (mostly my heels) began to itch like crazy

12:00 am
I consulted Higley's Reference Guide, the essential oils reference book, and Young Living Power Team Wellness Support FaceBook page.
5 drops of Melaleuca Alternifolia on my palms and feet waited 5min - response was full body hives. Melaleuca Alternifolia was the first oil that had a significant and quick response so I applied it every 10 minutes for the next 40 minutes - the itchiness began to subside, but always returned in about 10min. I had full body hives, and was swollen all over, but nothing itched except my palms and feet.

12:45 am
I decided to try the other Melaleuca I have - Melaleuca Quinquenervia - 5 drops on my palms, rubbed together, rubbed on feet, rubbed on arms and on stomach waited 5-min, itchiness subsided, hives flared (whatever it was was moving out of my system) reapplied 10min later - 5 drops on palms - rubbed on feet, forearms and stomach at this point it was 1am, so I lied down and meditated, focusing on complete healing.

1:00 am
Any time I felt even a slight shift in itchiness, I reapplied the Melaleuca Quinquenervia (5 drops: palms, forearms, feet, stomach). It took about 5 applications over the hour - but by 2am, I could feel that I was "out of the woods" - that the reaction had run its course, and that it was safe to go to sleep. I woke up with swollen eyelids, a swollen left ear, and a swollen right hand, which went back to normal over the next 5 hours. I probably should've applied Copaiba or more Melaleuca Quinquenervia in the morning, but due to lack of sleep, and the fact that I had to get to work, I just wasn't thinking! I did however, take an EndoGize in the morning, which could've helped everything process more quickly.

These oils saved me a trip to the hospital on the night before Christmas Eve. They saved me $300+ in medical bills (I don't have health insurance), and they saved me from spending an entire night sitting in a hospital, with the possibility of having no sleep before a very busy day working retail at the spa.

I was worried because my body was reacting, and I feared that it could have gotten worse, however, I have spent the last 6 years becoming very connected with my body and my intuition, and I knew that if there was a shift for the worse, I would immediately seek medical attention. My mom was also near, and watching me closely, in case I got worse.

I do not recommend that anyone use this testimonial in place of medical attention during an allergic reaction to a food, especially if they do not know the signs and symptoms of a severe reaction. Reactions can take a severe turn very quickly. If anything, pack up all of your oils, drive to the ER, and sit out front, using the oils, that way you're there if it worsens!! This is exactly what I plan on doing next time, just in case!

This time, I trusted the oils. I kept faith that they would do what needed to be done. I can't stress enough how quickly they work when you've found the right one for the particular issue you are facing. If nothing shifts within 5min (or less) of application - APPLY ANOTHER oil! Don't wait; go through every one you have, until your body reacts, and then stick with that oil.

I am so grateful to have these oils as my First Aid and to know and understand how to use them. I feel empowered knowing that I was able to take control of the situation, react quickly and cooly, and bring my body back into balance in a natural, health-supporting way.

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