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What Uncle James Tried After Chemotherapy Failed

Author: Leslie O.
Date: 12-15-2012
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James Parker is my uncle, and this is his story of how essential oils have literally saved his life.

In 2006, James was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. He underwent chemotherapy to rid his body of that cancer as well as whole-brain radiation to prevent its spread to that organ.

All was well until 2010 when he had a recurrence. This time, he underwent a pneumonectomy (removal of part of his right lung) and had more chemo. Again, the cancer stayed in remission until April 2012 when it returned with a vengeance.

This time, he also had non-small-cell lung cancer with metastasis to his lymph nodes. He had surgery to eradicate the lymph node cancer and several rounds of chemotherapy in the hopes of keeping the lung cancers at bay.

In the early summer of 2012, his doctors informed him and his wife Phyllis that if he had more chemo, he would have perhaps four to six months to live; without it, only two months. He elected once more to proceed with the chemotherapy.

In the fall of 2012, he contracted pneumonia and was hospitalized for a time. Upon discharge, he entered a rehab facility in an attempt to regain his strength.

In August 2012, I sat in a class about essential oils. As the benefits of the various oils were described, I wrote down those benefits...and wrote "James" next to several. I wanted him to try these oils to see if they would help him. James and Phyllis are strong Christians with a faith as big as the sky; the three of us believe that God can and does still work miracles.

I emailed the information to Phyllis that week and prayed that God would lead her to order the oils. Nothing happened. Oh me of little faith, I was getting discouraged; yet, I kept praying that, in God's perfect timing, the order would be placed.

In early November, my prayers were answered. James' doctors had told him there was one remaining chemo pill that might work, but there was only a 30% chance of its being effective. Phyllis decided to scroll through her old emails and came across the one I had sent her, describing the effects Frankincense could have on cancer. (We know it was the Holy Spirit who prompted her to do that search!) She placed an order for Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peace & Calming.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, she received the oils at their home. James had not slept lying down since 2006 when he received his first diagnosis of lung cancer; he had to sleep partially sitting up. The Friday before Thanksgiving 2012, James coughed all night, had to have several breathing treatments, and did not get any rest. This was the first time Phyllis allowed herself to think that he truly was dying.

She stayed with him that night, went home on Saturday to shower, and brought the oils back with her to the rehab center. She rubbed Frankincense and Eucalyptus on his back and gave him Frankincense in capsules three times per day. At night, she put Peace & Calming and Lavender on his feet. James told me, "Within a couple of hours, I was feeling better."

That night, he slept at a 30-degree angle, which was flatter than he had slept in six years! The next day, Phyllis helped him shower; the day following, she helped him a little less; the third day, he showered by himself! The second night--and ever since--James has slept FLAT in bed! He does not cough at night and he rests well!

Our family had a little Christmas party the weekend of December 7, 2012, mainly because we did not expect James to be with us much longer. Remember, this was THREE WEEKS after starting the use of essential oils. At the reunion, James' cheeks were pink; I never heard him cough; he stayed up late, visiting with all the family who had gathered; and he would take off his oxygen to fill his plate at the breakfast buffet!

The Sunday prior to that--just TWO WEEKS after starting the oils--James went to church and fulfilled the duties of being an usher, including taking up the offering!

Today is December 15, 2012; I spoke with Phyllis this evening, and she told me James accompanied her to the store and did not even use his oxygen!!! The ONLY thing different in James' regimen has been the addition of essential oils...he, Phyllis, his family, and his friends already had been praying and God has answered! We are anxiously (that's a "good" anxiously!) awaiting the results of his next PET scan in January to see exactly how God has healed him through the use of these oils, distilled from the healing plants He created!


My aunt and I wish we had known about Young Living Essential Oils in the spring of 2012; perhaps I would have a different story to tell you. I didn't learn about them until August, and they waited until November to try them. By then, it was too late to save my uncle's life. However, we do know that God used them to give him several extra months, months in which he felt very well, had energy, rested better, and was able to do things he had not been able to do had he not used the oils (primarily Frankincense and Lavender). He and his wife even took a cruise about a month before he succumbed to his cancer.

Had he not used the oils, he would have died much sooner, probably in November. As it was, he lived until mid April; he felt very well and had energy and pep until mid February--that's over 2 months of "real" living that he had! For that, we are grateful. We truly believe that, had he started with the oils the previous spring, he would have defeated the cancer.

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