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My Knee Discomfort Disappeared After Bowel Cleansing

Author: Jason B.
Date: 09-07-2012
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I am 26 years old. I'm a carpenter and have suffered with bad or achey knees since high school. I have had scans and such done on them and what I have been told is that cartilage is fine but it appears I have stretched ligaments.

Towards the end of last year around November my left knee was so bad I would have to strap it up at work to give me stability, I would struggle walking up stairs and climbing a ladder was near impossible. I had what appeared to be, by my Doctor's diagnosis, a tear in a ligament that would protrude out of the lateral side when squatting down. It was suggested that I have an MRI and we go from there.

I wasn't very fond of that idea and I had an appointment with my chiropractor in a few days. I figured I would wait and see what his opinion was. He was also a kinesiologist and reflexologist. When I saw him he promptly did a strength test on my knee and informed me that I had no tears anywhere in my knee, but told me what I had been told earlier that I have stretched ligaments.

He then informed me after feeling around under my ribs that my gallbladder was inflamed and was thus causing the inflammation in my knee. He explained to me that my gallbladder was inflamed due to my digestion being slow. And that the gallbladder has a muscle relationship with the stabilizer muscle of the knee. I was quite suprised and a little skeptical about this to say the least.

He gave me a remedy of Lemon juice and olive oil to purge my gallbladder. My chiropractor is not an oiler but knows a little about them. With my busy schedule and upcoming holidays looming I was not very consistent with my purging remedy to say the least.

My fiance and I went on a cruise with some friends around Vanuatu and on the last day I ate some food already cut up in the markets at Villa. By that evening (Thursday) I was feeling rather blocked and bloated. By Friday night I was in a world of cramps and feeling like I needed to go to the toilet but couldn't. I was lucky if I got an hour of sleep without waking up.

Monday afternoon I was back to see my chiropractor. He felt around my abdomen and told me that I had a parasite lodged in Cecum (where the small intestine meets the large). He told me his remedy for that was 1 drop of Tea Tree oil in a glass of water upon waking for 5 days with 3 days break then another 5 days. He said if I could get Young Living oils that would be best.

The next morning I woke at 4 am went and did what he suggested and within about 15 mins my bloating disappeared and within an hour my bowels where moving again. By the 2nd day (Wednesday) I realized that the pain in my knee was nearly all but gone and by Friday I was walking up stairs carrying tools without pain. Since this happening I have had the pain come back on occasion and it's always when my digestion and bowels slow up.

Since joining Young Living I have used ComforTone to clean my digestion system out and my day to day remedy is to drink lots of water from my old NingXia bottles. I always put 3-4 drops of Lemon and 1-2 drops of Peppermint in my water too. And if there is a flu going around or I have eaten something a little suspect I add either 1 drop of Thieves, Cinnamon Bark or Tea Tree.

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