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Menstrual Cramps And Heaving Bleeding Are Gone

Author: Jennifer Dornseif
Professional skills: Reiki
Location: MO, United States
Posted: 08-30-2012
Views: 3,564
Word Length: 197
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Keywords: pms, female, women, period, cycle

I am crying tears of joy! I have been dealing with severe menstrual cramps my entire life, practically being laid out for an entire day and a half. I also suffered from heavy bleeding and very large blood clots.

I was watching a webinar and it stated that geranium can help women during their cycle. Since I had this oil I decided to see if it worked for cramping. I figured I could live with heavy bleeding and clots but I can no longer live with missing a day and a half of my life every month in pain...not the way to live!

I use two drops of geranium and rub on my stomach and every ounce of pain is gone along with alleviating heavy bleeding and no clotts. Geranium, where have you been all my life?!

Previous to this miraculous find, I had been using geranium in place of my daily deodorant and have also realized that I haven't had any PMS symptoms; crabbiness and sensitivity.

Thank you God and Young Living for bringing me this long awaited peace! I love that I no longer have my monthly dread of being a women.

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