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A Yellow Belly And A Brown Raised Skin Growth

Author: Susan D.
Date: 08-27-2012
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I don't know what caused this, but for several years I've had a small teardrop shaped brown patch on the left side of belly button. It appeared 2005, grew slowly, then suddenly started to get raised and sort of bubble, at which point, I knew something not good was going on. At the same time, my whole belly (nothing else, not even eyes) turned yellow--jaundiced looking. Uh oh.

I prayed about it, put on Oregano, which seemed to help a little, but didn't really stop growth. And I got yellower. I didn't know if I was detoxing, or just getting really seriously sick. I had been drinking a lot of herb teas, but never turned yellow from that before now!

Soon thereafter my next Young Living order arrived. I had meant to order Valor, but when they put out the Father's Day special--free Valor with a Sacred Mountain--I went with that, because for about the same price, I could get something I hadn't tried.

I loved the smell of Sacred Mountain. As I held it after the first whiff, I felt God was urging me to rub it on my belly, and the yellow would go away. Well, that is an intriguing thought! So that night I slathered it on my belly and the next morning, the yellow was down about 30%. And the black growth was not so bubbly. Aha! I did this every day for 3 days and the yellow was gone! And the black thing was noticeably smaller! Wow!

I kept doing it with good results, and we also found out Sacred Mountain works a lot like Lavender--takes away pain when you jam your foot against the iron bedstead. Helps bruises. But the best is, it clears up all kinds of skin things. I started putting a little oil in it and rubbing it on my face, and the brown spots and moles started going away from the first application! My face got more clear, my skin finer grained, and it was wonderful.

Since we ran out of Sacred Mountain from all that slathering, I am putting Lemongrass and Oregano on the black thing, and it is gradually getting smaller. It seems the Lemongrass is the main thing.

To understand what a miracle this is, Sis and I had to leave our rental and take up live-in jobs. Social Security, $609 a month, was my only income some months. The people we live with have a much different diet than we do, and often we would have to eat whatever they provided. We went from heavy meat and fat-eaters, to vegan with hardly any protein and the home-cooked beans usually seasoned so hot we can't eat them. It seemed impossible to exist on it very long. God keeps us going!

So for the past 6 years, very unbalanced diet, too many sweets, coffee to keep down hunger pains. No wonder my belly turned yellow! The greater wonder is that it is now white again, even after I ran out of Sacred Mountain--which we call "magic mountain"! My diet is a little better now, with more fresh food.

I give God the glory and the credit, and thank Him for sending Sacred Mountain along at just the right moment. If anyone knows what the black thing is, or what it is in Sacred Mountain that shrinks it, I would be interested in knowing.

When the teardrop spot was just starting, it had black dots that came up after I put Oregano on it. They would grow out and looked like black whiskers, but they were more like tiny skin tags, and firmly attached! They would fall off on their own after a couple weeks, and new crops kept coming up. Simultaneously, warts on my knees and knuckles disappeared without me doing anything to them. Someone wrote me that she had the exact same problem, but didn't know what it was, either. Wish someone could tell me what it is. I will definitely be getting more Sacred Mountain in my September order!

December 2012 Update:

Hi, I wrote a few months ago about a growth that had been slowly developing by my belly button, then after more than 6 years, suddenly--overnight!--came up dark, bubbly, much larger growth, along with my whole belly turned yellow (but nowhere else on body).

I had just ordered the Father's Day special, Buy Sacred Mountain, get free Valor. Felt moved to try Sacred Mountain on it. In 3 days, the yellow belly was gone and has never returned. And the next day, I could see improvement in the black thing.

I've been using it ever since, which would be 5 months. Bit by bit, with progress every day, the "thing" got smaller. This "thing" had black dots that would grow out like hairs and then fall off. This had happened soon after I discovered it and had put Oregano on it, but when the black dots were gone, I quit. It was only recently it started growing and then bubbled up so threateningly. This time, I also discovered, after I started Sacred Mountain, that it had gone into my belly button, too. Scary!

The black dot things were numerous--I would guess about 25 at a time, and more kept surfacing as old ones fell off. Now, the thing is flat and tan, with the remains of 2 of the black dots, which are now tan and about ready to fall off. It has been amazing to see the daily changes. I did also use other oils. Since Oregano had brought up the black dots the first time I used it, I applied that every few days, and it would bring up more black dots. I used Lemongrass, too, and that also seemed to help. But Sacred Mountain was the one that showed immediate and aggressive action on this growth.

I'll keep using it until there is no sign of it left. I am so grateful to God for sending it along at the right time!

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