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Better Breast Cancer Journey Than My Mother Had

Author: Lucy S.
Date: 08-24-2012
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In August 2005 I was diagnosed with invasive breast carcinoma. My surgeon advised me to have a lumpectomy with a sentinel lymph node biopsy. I decided to have the lumpectomy, but my instinct told me not to have the biopsy, which involved injecting a blue dye to find if my lymph was involved. I did not want my lymph removed, so I did not see the point in this biopsy. Somehow I felt that I could at least heal my lymph glands with the rest of my immune system.

After the surgery, the surgeon said that a couple of the margins from the excision were close and that I had to have more surgery, followed with radiation. I deliberated for a while, as I remembered how my mother was butchered and burned some 35 years ago when she had breast cancer. I know things have improved a bit today, but that left a profound impression on me.

I decided it was time to begin the healing journey with what I trusted more... a natural, less invasive way. The oncologist wanted me to take Tamoxifen, but after a lot of research I opted for the natural alternative of indoles (a class of phytochemicals associated with cancer prevention).

I found a great naturopath and general practitioner (GP) who supported me the whole way with my decision. The naturopath put me on herbs, and we worked together on the emotions that may have been linked to the cancer. My GP gave me intravenous vitamin C and continued to monitor my health with blood tests and ultrasound.

I eliminated my wine and coffee habit and replaced that with fresh juices, including wheatgrass and beets. I also ate more fruit and vegetables. I was going for it. I began to ingest oils with limonene content, such as Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit. I loved massaging Frankincense and Idaho Balsam Fir topically all over my breasts and lymph. These essential oils are known to have anticancer properties.

To this day, 7 years later, it is the essential oils that I still fervently use inside and out. I have now added Juva Cleanse to cleanse my liver and DiGize for parasites, plus so many others that I love to alternate on a needs basis, including emotional blends. My love for these remarkable essential oils grows more and more as I experience the divine gift of these life-giving oils.

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