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Speedy Recovery After A Ligament Tear

Author: Terri-Anne Plante
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Location: BC, Canada
Posted: 07-26-2012
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My husband is a very fit, active guy who loves hockey. Unfortunately, during a weekend ball hockey tournament, he was body checked by another fit, much bigger & meaner guy, and ended up with a severely damaged ACL.

Our daughter was at the tourney with a supply of oils and she was able to apply several almost immediately. She applied peppermint, lavender and PanAway and when the first aid attendants finally got on the court, they just offered ice as they commented that it looked like he was in good hands and they couldn't do anything for him other than ice and suggest that he go to the hospital.

My husband had to have surgery, and was told that he would be at least 4 weeks off work, and at least 10-12 months before considering running or playing hockey. He was off work for a week. Before the surgery, then a week after it, and that was it. He was back biking to work (8 kms) three months later and running 5 months after the injury!

During his recovery, we applied oils continually: Valor, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, PanAway, Deep Relief, balsam fir (he took balsam fir & frankincense in caps for pain relief) basil, marjoram, and a few others that I've forgotten! He also used the Wellness Pro Frequency machine and the oils and the machine worked together to support his body as it repaired itself. His team mates and workplace guys were shocked at his fast recovery as many of them had experienced the same injury and many of them have never regained the ease of movement/painfree activity as before the injury. Yay for Young Living oils!

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