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Impressive Heavy Metals Detox

Author: Cheryl Jazzar
Skill: Healer
Location: OK, United States
Date: 05-22-2012
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I learned nearly a year ago that I had high levels of toxic heavy metals in my body, thanks to Dr. Catherine Rott, ND. I started using a wide variety of Young Living essential oils and have experienced many different types of detoxification.

Initially, my emotional releases were the biggest part of the purging process. Then, I had oral surgery to remove the majority of the heavy metals from my dental work. Now I'm in the process of detoxifying the deeply embedded metals and all the other types of toxins associated with the infection. I had no idea the body burden would be this high. All I knew was I was so sick I was bed-ridden for a total of 10 weeks within 5 months.

It has been two months since my oral surgery and I have struggled with fungal rashes cleansing through the skin on my torso. A wise oiler in our Young Living group suggested I start using my oils internally, in capsules. Since I started doing that I have been stunned by the amount of material that my body has thrown off.
The rash on my torso cleared and I started purging two different types of parasites from my intestines, vagina and bladder over the course of four days. First it was the mature worms; then the newly-hatched babies. Now, my stools have turned orange. Dr. Rott tells me this is the result of heavy metals leaving the body via the colon.

I've also had vaginal itching, many different types of boils appearing, itchy nipples and itchy ears, nose and throat. My entire scalp and the tops of my ears are now broken out. Through this process I've also had skin tags wither and fall off and many different types of fungal bumps raise up and then fall off or flake off. I'm certain some of them would have been classified as skin cancer by medical doctors.

To support this year-long process I've used many things in addition to all the oils Dr. Rott has suggested. These include clay baths, infared saunas, Epsom salt detox baths, Sole salt tea, internal nutritional supplements, Sulphurzyme, Pure Protein Complete, zeolites, Detoxamin suppositories, coconut oil, green vegetable smoothies, high amounts of garlic, massage, manual lymph drainage, acupuncture, cranio-sacral technique, chiropractic, a low-sugar diet, lots of sleep, colonics, hydrotherapy, Raindrop Technique, dry skin brushing, plenty of prayer, emotional release with the oils; and scaling back my responsibilities to lower stress.

During the worst times I poured copious amounts of frankincense on the top of my head to be able to deal with the severe symptoms of all the poison in my body. I am amazed at how it helped me to cope.

Now, I've turned a corner. I don't crave sugar. My energy is so much better I've started working out. My spiritual practices have come alive again. My memory and eye sight are improved. All the horrible symptoms I suffered due to metal exposure are better: the ringing in my ears, irritability, inability to tolerate bright or flashing lights, confusion, need to be alone, violent nausea, joint pain, continual chiropractic care- and myriad other things I'd rather forget. I have a huge amount of empathy for children with autism now.

I also have a beautiful collection of oils that I love to share with others. And, I have hope! Am I excited for my future? Absolutely!

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