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Trigger Finger Healed

Author: Rose & Ruben Roque
Location: TX, United States
Posted: 04-09-2012
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I developed trigger finger on my left thumb; I was referred to a doctor who gave me a steriod shot. The trigger came back after 6 months and I received a second shot. About 6 - 9 months later it came back again not only on my thumb but on an my pinkie. The doctor recommended surgery. Not believing this was the answer, I went for a second opion and was told the same thing.

My massage therapist uses essentional oils to relieve tension and soreness so I read up on them and found several of these oils in one product called Ortho Sport. I used Ortho Sport faithfully day, noon and night massaging it into my fingers and forearem. After about 7 - 10 days, the trigger stopped and has not come back.

It has now been 2 years since I have experienced a trigger on any of my fingers.

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