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Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Cycles & Menopause

Author: Jen T.
Date: 03-27-2012
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For those women who suffer with menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual cycles, and menopause, I pray this information is helpful to you:

For the past few years I have had irregular menstrual cycles. I live with my mother and, at the height of her menopause I began to have very irregular cycles - I would have a "spontaneous" period after spending more than an hour with her, and also begin having dizzy spells, nausea, and severe cramps. We knew that these episodes were related to her menopause: women living in close quarters often have the same menstrual cycle and we concluded that her hormonal imbalance was causing mine.

Before being blessed with Young Living we had tried numerous things to help us achieve balance: prayer, maca, wild yam creams, vitamins, teas, even a juice that worked very well for her. Whatever she used, i tried too, as my imbalance got so bad that I would bleed for 3 weeks, and then not have a period for up to 3 months. The long periods were frequent.

It was because of my mother's menopause and our many prayers for relief that we were blessed to meet a Young Living distributor who invited us to a presentation she was having on oils of the Bible. My mother asked her if she had any oils for Menopause - she had just received her bottle of Progessence Plus Serum at a Young Living conference. This was a Godsend! It has been such an answered prayer and has brought so much relief to my mother's hotflashes, hormone "surges" (at emotional times), and it helps to give her that everyday balance she needs.

The more balance my mother has achieved, the more I have been relieved as well, but I am still not having regular cycles and my cramps are sometimes severe. Since she began using Progessence Plus, my longest period has been more like a 2 week light spotting.

After more research at oil-testimonials and Young Living, I found a testimonial for Endoflex oil from a woman having similar issues. I ordered it and since using it, my longest period has been only 10 days and no more breakthrough bleeding (I would occasionally still experience it)!

I am still experiencing irregularity in that I sometimes do not have a period for 2-3 months, and when I do have them, I experience excruciating menstrual cramps both in my abdomen and in my lower back that keep my up all hours of the night. I have been rubbing Endoflex on my abdomen and lower back when this happens and I usually have relief within 5-15 minutes (they subside slowly).

This week has been especially stressful and have been using Endoflex for the cramps. Today I had a "cramp attack". Around 30 minutes after applying Endoflex, I was surprised that I was still in so much pain. My mother had just given me a sample bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce; the Holy Spirit reminded me a friend's words that it was good for inflammation and hormones. I quickly rubbed a few drops in my hands and applied to my abdomen, holding my hands over my uterus. Not more than 2 minutes later and the cramps were GONE!

I didn't want to let a day go by knowing that this info might help other women deeply in need of relief. These oils have been such a blessing to our family and anyone we have introduced them to.

I thank God that we are able to receive the goodness of His creation for the our health and well-being and that he has given Gary Young the vision and mission of harvesting these oils and sharing them with the world.- "Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;" - Genesis 1:29.

To God be the glory.

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