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If One Application Method Fails - Try Another

Author: Angie S.
Date: 03-05-2012
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Most of the time when using essential oils for any issue, topical application on the affected area or bottoms of the feet works fine - or dripping a few drops of the recommended oil under my tongue. There have been a few occasions, though, where the "usual" application method for a particular issue or situation did not work.

If DiGize under the tongue does not take care of nausea or heartburn (which it usually does), I find that putting several drops into an empty vegetable capsule and ingesting it will take care of it in a few minutes.

For a sudden-onset and very violent bout of flu, I applied DiGize to the bottoms of my feet, over the abdomen, AND dripped it under the tongue. I reapplied after each bathroom "episode". It only lasted 2 1/2 hours and then it was completely over. NO MORE FLU! (Everyone else who had it at that same time was down for 7-14 days - or longer!) This would be a wise protocol for food poisoning as well.

If vomiting, do not try to ingest a caspule of oil. Instead, rub it on the abdomen, bottoms of feet and drip it under the tongue after each "episode".

I have also noted that applying Lavender oil topically over the sinuses for allergy symptoms (which works for many people) does NOT work for me. But when I ingest 3-6 drops of Lavender Oil in an empty vegetable capsule, it takes care of a runny nose, watery eyes and/or itchy ears/throat within a few minutes.

The same thing has also happens sometimes with a headache. There are times when topical application does not work for me and I need to ingest in a capsule a few drops of those same oils that I just applied topically. (For me: Basil, Marjoram & Valor.) Most of the time that takes care of it. When this second method fails, it usually indicates the headache is lymphatic-related and I use my lymphatic drainage massage techniques to alleviate the pain.

So - if one method of oils application fails to help - try a different method before moving on to different oils.

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