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A Traumatic Experience At The Ice Rink

Author: Azure C.
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Date: 03-03-2012
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I am still a little upset from today's event, however I now feel the beauty in the lesson playing out, thanks to my recent discovery of Young Living oils. Here's what just happened this afternoon...

As we left to take my son (4) and daughter (1) to watch him learn to skate at the local arena, I felt motivated to pop a few oils in my pocket; Peace & Calming, Valor, Thieves and Lemon. I intended on applying Valor to us all, but in the confusion at the busy arena, the guys got away from us, but happily proceeded to the ice. It was nice experience overall and I was actually just thinking we did okay without having to use an oil.

My daughter just then started to kick up a fuss, it being her nap time. The scene I'm about to describe played out in almost slow motion for me as I'm now looking back. I almost saw it all before it happened and couldn't do a thing to prevent it.

My son was by my side sipping hot chocolate, my man making circles like a child of 4 himself, and my daughter insisting on her milk NOW! I motioned through the glass for him to return, time to go... He flew across the ice like Gretzky with our son's skating aid over his shoulder.

As he burst through the doors, the side of the skate aid smacked square the face of an unexpected 5 year old girl. Thankfully she was ready to go on the ice, so fully geared up with a helmet, preventing any real impact, but as a mother, I registered her shock and surprize as my 6'3" husband barrelled into her.

She stood frozen, we of course tended to her the best we could, but as the strangers that caused this mess she wanted nothing to do with us. We were of little help and her father took her into a change area. We almost left while I was in a state of disbelief and panic for the little girl, but I felt into my pocket, reassured that I had those bottles with me, pushed through the hesitation (had I had that Valor I wouldn't have even paused) and found two of them huddled together on a bench to comfort her sobs of defeat and sadness.

My heart bled and I began to shake and tremble. My mouth went dry and my stomach acids Rose to my mouth filling it with a horrible taste. I nervously shook as I asked the father to please consider applying a natural product to his child. Thinking to myself as the words tripped off my tongue, that I myself would have some reservations.

Clearly he could tell that I was truly concerned, he indicated that I should go ahead. I instead asked him to hold the bottle, take a moment to smell it for himself as I described the contents of Peace & Calming. I felt it only right to give him the chance to decline. He seemed happy to go ahead. It felt like an hour passed as we waited for one of the last few drops to escape.

I instructed him to place drop on the back of her neck as she was tightly drawn into him and would not look at us, she only continued to cry. I knew I needed a few drops myself but I couldn't think of anything but this little girl.

She took in a few breaths and immediately popped up. Her eyes were bright and they immediately found the bottle. She was focused, clear and there wasn't a sign of sadness or fear. She didn't speak, but her crying had stopped. I knew in my heart her resentment, fear and shock had disappeared.

Daddy was immediately asking a million questions, himself feeling the calming affects. It was beautiful. (Note to new Distributors, be prepared with contact info as I fumbled awkwardly to ask him to remember my name when he asked where he could find the oils :-)

His daughter was fine, so we felt it okay to head home. The first thing I did when I returned to my family to report that she was okay, was to apply a drop of Peace & Calming to my wrist and take a good sniff. The symptoms of shock disappeared as quickly as they showed up; my heart stopped racing, my worry subsided and my mouth and breath returned to normal.

From here on in, it'll be Valor and Peace & Calming as a preventative, before I start my day. Just having them in my pocket was enough to help me leap into action. To help another is truly my passion and I'm so thankful I've got tools like Young Living oils to help me do my job.

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