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Serious Accident With My Semi Truck

Author: Andre V.
Date: 01-15-2012
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In 2009 I underwent two major life changing events. The first was being served divorce papers after being married for over 20 years and the second, days later when I was involved in a very serious vehicle accident.

The semi I was driving went into the ditch and flipped on it's side trapping me inside. Fortunately I was wearing a seat belt which suspended me in the cab and secondly when I was pulled out through the windshield with only one small scrape/cut; and also with broken bones and major bruising.

When the truck flipped on it's side, the shoulder strap popped my left shoulder out; I then hit the steering wheel breaking my collar bone in 2 places and then took the gear shift in the ribs on the left side breaking 2; bruising and cracking a few more. I was very lucky with just these injuries as after the investigation I was told that by the debris I should have been much worse.

I spent 22 hours in the emergency room on a flat board and a neck brace. The only thing I had with me was the Lavender oil. I had a minor concussion and was incoherent; but when the doctor asked what this was I managed to tell him and asked him to put some on my forehead, neck, collarbone, and rib areas. They continually tried to give me advil, tylenol etc; but I refused.

Later that night as I seem to come more alert; they removed the neck brace and the backboard. I did not show any signs of further complications.

I continued to use the Lavender; all my other oils were in my backpack that was in the truck. After a few hours passed, the pain seemed to be much more tolerable as I applied some around my nose.

I was supposed to stay in the hospital for another day; but didn't. I managed to get up and dressed with some help and walked out of the hospital.

At home I used Lemon oil and the Thieves and Purification oil blends. This helped me sleep through the night. The following day I went to my sister's for almost a week and supplemented the oils with acupuncture. By day 3 after the accident I could remove the arm brace and was able to move my arm about 50%. Within a week I had almost full movement and the bruising was fading quickly.

I did this all with no pain killers; and when I visited my doctor he couldn't believe how fast I had healed by just using essential oils.

The seat belt did save my life; but also compounded the injuries I sustained.

To date, I continue to use Douglas Fir, Rose and Thieves. I also use Lemon in my diffuser daily, all of which has helped me with not only the physical injuries from the accident; but the emotional injuries incurred that were related to the accident.

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