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Calming A Fussy Baby

Author: Patricia Brownlee
Skill: Reflexologist
Location: MD, United States
Posted: 01-05-2012
Views: 2,549
Word Length: 120
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My son and daughter-in-law have been a tiny bit skeptical about the power of lavender. After a day of child care with my grandson and granddaughter, my grandson had had enough and was, to say the least, very fussy. After offering all the yummies and a bottle, he continue to loudly fuss, frustrating everyone.

I took some lavender oil in my palms, rubbed my hands together, rubbed the bottoms of the baby's feet and cupped my hands on his ears. He looked at me and smiled and stopped fussing. Soon after began the telltale eye rub of sleepiness. My son and daughter stood speechless as I put the PJs on the baby and rocked him to sleep.

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