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Traumatic Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Author: Angie Springer
Location: KS, United States
Posted: 10-27-2011
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My husband recently went to his regular dentist to have a wisdom tooth extracted. He was not sent to an oral surgeon because the dentist felt it would be a "simple" extraction. He was wrong. It had not been apparent before-hand, but the tooth was fused to the bone and when the tooth was removed a good chunk of the bone came with it.

My husband said the dentist was noticeably quite concerned about the turn this "simple" extraction took. He told my husband that it would leave a noticeable sunken area on his face (which it did), but that the bone would likely fill back in in about a year! He gave him TWO prescriptions for pain medications, fully expecting him to fill both of them.

My husband returned home from the dentist (without the pain meds) and began almost immediately with Clove & Frankincense. Because he was still bleeding quite a bit, he used a full gauze pad (with the 2 oils on it) changing it several times that day. (We missed the section of the EODR that listed Geranium & Wintergreen for bleeding gums - he should have used those!)

Once the bleeding subsided, he cut a piece of gauze pad in 1/2 and folded it up so it could more easily fit between his cheek and upper gum and he continued saturating one end of it with the two oils. He placed it in his mouth so it was laying on the "site". He changed that out and repeated this about every two hours over the course of the first afternoon and evening - less frequent on Day 2. He continued this process (oil-saturated gauze) as needed for the pain - about 3 more times over that week.

According to my husband, Clove Oil works really well for gum pain. He had a dentist appointment in one week to remove the stiches, however, the wound had healed really well and the stiches had already released. The dentist was amazed at how well and how quickly he was healing and indicated how surprised he was that my husband had not needed to fill the pain prescriptions. (FYI: the dentist himself called twice in the first couple of days to make sure he was okay and not needing more pain meds.) With the use of the oils, my husband told him the pain was never any worse than a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10 - so he never needed the drugs. He has recovered quickly.

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