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Frankincense And Myrrh For Childbirth

Author: Tiffany R.
Skill: Massage Therapist
Location: AR, United States
Date: 02-14-2005
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First of all, thank you to Heavenly Father for Gary Young and thanks to the person(s) who began this website for us.

I wanted to have the "Jesus birth" after hearing Gary describe how he delivered Jacob, his first son with Mary, using Frankincense and Myrhh.

During my pregnancy, I swallowed lemon oil by capsule (10 drops in a capsule once a day) for Urinary Tract infections and I swallowed peppermint oil by capsule (same regimen, but peppermint in morning and lemon at night) for Group Beta Strep.

We had bought the Essence of the Season kit to have on hand for the birth. We enjoyed the oils and resins so much that we had to buy another kit. We put a tea lite candle in the bottom of a tin cup, covered the rim with foil creating a shallow well, placed about two teaspoons of water in the well and crushed up a resin rock of frankincense in the water. We just kept adding water as it evaporated down. The smell in the house was so earthy and comforting. We all felt so mellow. Since the Essential Oils Desk Reference lists frankincense for depression, we decided to use it burning over the tin cup during the birth. Everyone in the room (husband, midwife and nurse) was calm during the labor.

This would be the first recorded essential oil pregnancy and birth in Arkansas. Many midwives were eager to attend.

About an hour before I ancipated delivering, since the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart, I went to the bathroom and applied myrhh oil on my perinium for elasticity.

I had back labor as well as abdominal labor so I was kneeling on the floor with my upper body leaning across the foot of the bed. When the back labor became too unbearable, I generously dotted the bottle of frankincense to my lower back. The next contraction was amazing! I deeply inhaled the aroma still left on my hands and felt a higher spiritual focus I've never experienced before. I don't have the vocabulary to express it. The pain was SO minimal that I generously dotted it to my abdomen as well. At this point we moved on top of the bed. This was my six birth and I've never been able to deliver in bed!

We instructed the midwife to call in the older kids to witness the birth when the baby was crowing. When she did call in the kids, I didn't believe her because my cervix didn't have the intense stinging feeling right at the end of labor like it had with my other deliveries. This was the signal I was looking for that would indicate to me that "this is almost over".

This is the first pregnancy in which I didn't require a petocin shot to help my uterus clamp and contract back down after delivery. I didn't hemmorage this time either. For the next few days, I dotted frankincense on the painful areas each time contractions occured. The desk reference lists frankincense to help clot blood which is why I did this.

A few minutes after our daughter was born, my husband annointed her entire body with frankincense and smoothed it in. We applied one drop of Myrhh to her cord daily and it dried up the next day and separated from the belly button. By day five it had fallen off.

My midwife visited me the morning after the birth. She was amazed at the oils and couldn't believe how dried up the baby's cord looked. She asked me what I felt during the transition of labor when I applied frankincense. I repeated this conversation I had with my ten year old son:

Son, "Mom, how come you never screamed?"

(To back up here...we had prepared the children with activities for a long day of awaiting the time of crowning when they would be allowed in to witness the birth of their youngest sister. They were told that I would be all right and that the loud sounds I would make were normal for a large baby coming out of a small hole in my body. They knew to listen for moaning, then louder moaning, and it would only be another 20 minutes or less before they would get to come in when I began screaming.) So back to our conversation.

Mom, "What do you mean?"

Son, "You said we would get to come in when you were screaming. You never screamed." I thought, "Yep. I never did. My cervix never stung. I never felt more than a 7 on a pain scale of 1-10. THAT FRANKINCENSE IS SOOOO AMAZING!"

So I wonder. Did Jesus' mother, Mary, feel this higher level of spiritual focus too? Did she feel minimal pain too? Did her birth attendants feel calm and focused?

I now tell everyone to get pregnant again just to experience the "Jesus birth" with frankincense and myrrh. My midwife was so amazed that she has purchased these oils to have on hand and other mothers have experienced this too.

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