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Kitchen Burn Helped With One Application

Author: Tiffany R.
Skill: Massage Therapist
Date: 02-14-2005
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First of all, thank you to Heavenly Father for Gary Young and thanks to the people who began this website for us.

While canning strawberry jam, I burned my arm. I had just removed a pot from the front right burner and turned the burner off. I laid my right arm on the burner while reaching toward a knob that controlled the back burner. (Our knobs are located on the right side of the stove) I didn't feel like I had time to fuss over a burn because logically I thought, "I can't stop canning NOW."

But about 3-5 minutes later I decided that the discomfort was too distracting and that I should just stop for a minute and put essential oils on it. I knew the oils would work immediately so I justified that I should sacrifice one minute now to take care of the burn rather than wait three or four hours until I finished canning.

The burn was about three inches long and one inch wide. I had heard in a training tape that Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil is good for many of the same things Lavender Essential Oil is used for, including burns.

I let the Idaho Balsam Fir oil drip all over the burn, but it didn't help with the discomfort. I had heard on another tape (or did I read it in the essential oils reference book?) that Peppermint Essential Oil is also good for burns but NOT to apply it directly on or in the burn. So I fingered Peppermint oil around the perimeter of the burn and went back to canning.

I totally forgot about the burn until a week later at church when a woman was showing us a burn on her lower arm that covered most of the top and bottom of the lower arm. Her burn cream wasn't working. I began lifting my right arm to show her my burn and it wasn't there. I lifted my left arm and it wasn't there either. I know I burned my right arm because the burner knobs are on the right side of the stove and I am right handed. I was amazed that it only took one application to heal the burn.

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