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My Custom Blend Of Oils For My Face

Author: Mary Ann Dabritz
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Location: OR, United States
Posted: 05-31-2011
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I have been using this blend on my face morning and evening for the past 7 - 8 months, and it has made a wonderful difference! I started to notice it within only a week or so. All of these Oils are good for the skin, and many are anti-inflammatory as well.

In an empty 15 ml bottle, I put 10 drops of Frankincense, and 5 drops each of: Myrrh, Sandalwood; Cedarwood; Geranium; and Lavender. Then I fill the bottle with V-6 Oil (about 7 droppers full), so that the essential oils are diluted by about 7:1 (or so).

I apply this blend right after I have washed my face, when it is still a bit moist. Be sure to include the NECK, too! All the way around. Just a few drops is all it takes.

I also do a bit of "face yoga" at the same time, which tones the muscles in the face and neck, which also aids in the toning and the reduction of wrinkles. You can look for Face Yoga on YouTube to find some of the exercises, or email me and I can explain them. Mine only take a minute or so.

I hope you have the fantastic results I have seen! Feel free to experiment to see what works best for you with the Oils you have.

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