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Overcoming A Nicotine Addiction

Author: Marcella Pabros-Clark
Location: CA, United States
Posted: 05-29-2011
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I used to be a smoker, but had quit 20 years ago. My husband has been smoking for a while and I was trying to help him to stop, but as it turned out, I ended up joining him out on our balcony. At first it was just a drag every once in a while, but after a bit, I found I HAD to have a cigarette. Granted, it was my own mix of tobacco, mullein and sage, but still, I was going out on my apartment balcony at least 6 times a day to light up.

It was shocking to me how quickly my body went back to being addicted. I knew I had to quit, but I found it increasingly difficult to NOT go out and light up.

I decided to really find a way to combat what I knew to be my body's (and brain's) addiction to the tobacco and turned to the Peppermint oil. I figured one of the things my brain wanted was the stimulation that nicotine provided. So, I began putting a drop of Peppermint on the base of my skull and breathing in the scent every time I felt the urge to go outside for a smoke. I also started taking a few drops of the Juvaflex oil, which supports liver and lymphatic detoxification and helps break addictions to coffee, alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

I started this process on a Monday and by Friday I felt a shift and realized I didn't have the urge to pick up the cigarette.

It's been almost two weeks. I'm now able to go out on the balcony and enjoy my container garden and I don't feel the need to light up, even though my husbands cigarettes are out there. I'm so happy!

I am so grateful for the work that we are doing and for these oils that have made connecting to Spirit and my own strength so much easier.

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