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Terrible Infestations Of Stink Bugs

Author: Marianne Herr-Paul
Skill: Medical Doctor
Location: PA, United States
Posted: 05-10-2011
Views: 1,719
Word Length: 137
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Keywords: thieves, citrus fresh, believe, transformation, peppermint, purification

I live and work in south central PA. We have had a region-wide infestation of "stink bugs" (also known as "shield bugs"). They can have a very strong odor, and they are a nuisance both in sheer numbers, and in that they do eat crops and can devastate them.
I infuse oils regularly at my office including, but not limited to, Thieves, Citrus Fresh, Believe, Transformation, Peppermint alone, and/or Purification. I also spray Thieves spray regularly, especially when I have had patients with colds and flu, or rashes. I also use oils at home, especially Thieves which we use for most cleaning projects.

I have noticed that we have very few stink bugs, and those that do show up, are dead. I am wondering if the oils are repelling them? Other people in the area have terrible infestations.

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