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Colitis And Osteoarthritis Have Improved

Author: Peggy W.
Date: 03-18-2011
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It's a Miracle! In March 2010 I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by my now up line Beverly Batho. We were talking at a luncheon and I asked Beverly about the bag she was carrying. She began telling me about the oils and how her Dad had Diverticulitis and the Dr. wanted to do surgery but he said no way. He went home and began using the Young Living Essential Oils and within about 4 days he was better and has had no problems since. That was several years ago.

Well my ears perked up and wanted hear more. You see I was diagnosed in Jan 2006 with Ulcerative Colitis. That is a chronic disease of the colon which modern medicine says there is no cure. The only cure is to take the colon. Well I now know differently!

In April Beverly came to Crockett to do an oils class - which I attended and also recv'd a Raindrop Massage! I was sold! I became a Young Living Essential Oils distributor that day.

My first order was NingXia Red - Yummy! After only 2 weeks my husband - the skeptic - and other family members began to notice a change in me and how I was feeling. I had more strength, my demeanor was better, and my over all well being was more positive.

Next I ordered my diffuser. I was using it at my office during the day and bringing it home at night to diffuse Thieves and Frankincense. My husband loved the smell when he would come in from outside and decided we needed another one so HE could have one at home and I could keep the other one at my office. I like to diffuse different combinations of oils: such as: Thieves, Cloves, and Immupower - or Thieves, Raven and RC - or Frankincense, Lavender, and Purification - as well as Lavender, Peace & Calming and Citrus Fresh.

I also ordered the book The Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart. I began reading it to my husband - the skeptic - and we both were amazed by the healing properties claimed by the oils. So I began ordering oils. I ordered: The Everyday Oils Collection, The 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture, PanAway, Deep Relief, Frankincense Resin Burner, Thieves, and I recv'd free a Raindrop Technique and The Essential 7 oils Collection.

P.S. We now have a 3rd diffuser for the bedroom. My husband the skeptic is now a believer in the oils!

In June 2010 my Remicade I V Therapy treatment for my Ulcerative Colitis quit working. I have been on this treatment regimen every 8 weeks since April 2007. That is more than 3 years.

I had a treatment June 8th and the doctor said I really need to consider a Colectomy - that's the removal of the colon! He changed my meds and said we will see how you are in August your next treatment.

In August I was no better and the doctor repeated what he had told me in June - You really need to consider removing the colon. He said that is the only cure. I told him not yet.

My Colitis was no longer in remission. My symptoms worsened, I became incontinent and by August I had hit rock bottom - unable to function at work or at home. I couldn't get more than 10 feet from a bathroom for more than 10 minutes at a time. I was awakened during the night even to get up and go. Life was miserable.

My friend Beverly came down the next week to do another oils class and we discussed my colon health and she suggested I go through all my oils and look at the properties of each one and all that are anti inflammatory start using them topically twice a day. To my surprise I had 17 oils with anti-inflammatory properties. I alternate them a.m. and p.m. using 3 drops of 3 different oils at a time. For instance I use: Frankincense, Oregano and Basil - or Aroma-Siez, Basil and Myrrh - or Thieves, Wintergreen and Cistus - or DiGize, Immupower and Peppermint.

Beverly also suggested I go to Debra Reybern, "our" Naturopath who is also in "our" up line. By the time I saw Debra on September 9th I was as far down as a person could go without being dead! The doctor wanted my colon and I wanted my health back

I am here to tell you I am getting my health back! Debra recommended I eat at least a cup of raw vegetables and a couple of fresh fruit every day. She gave me a recipe for a Green Smoothie which I make for my husband and I every morning. My colon is under control again and even my husband says he can tell a difference in his colon as well.

Debra also recommended I begin using DiGize, Immupower, I C P, Sulfurzyme, AlkaLime, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil), Life 5, Blue Agave, Inner Defense, and Live with Passion.

Within a matter of a few days of beginning to use these oils my life improved dramatically. I feel better than I have felt in 4 or more years. Everyone who knows me has commented on how I look and how much better I seem to feel. It's a Miracle!

When I saw the Dr on Sept 30 for my colon treatment - neither He nor his nurse could believe how good I looked and how good I felt. I told him the Lord is healing me! I believe with in a year my colon will be healthy again and I can show modern medicine - God's Oils and God's healing power!

Not only is God using the oils to heal my colon but my arthritis also. I was diagnosed in June 2009 with osteoarthritis of my left knee and my right hip. I had surgery to repair a torn cartilage and have continued to have pain in my knee and hip. After 3 months of therapy and no better I began seeing a Rheumatologist in November 2009.

He began removing fluid from the knee and hip as well as giving me steroid injections. I saw him again in March 2010 and I had more injections and more fluid drawn from both the knee and the hip.

With the Young Living Essential Oils I am able to control the inflammation, the fluid build and manage the pain. I use PanAway, Wintergreen and Cypress. 3 drops of each and apply to my left knee. What a difference it has made in my ability to walk, move around freely and all with out pain. The last time I went to the Rheumatologist (June 2010) he did not have to drain my knee or hip and I did not get any injections. It's a Miracle!

In conclusion - I believe God is using Young Living Essential Oils to heal my body and make me all I can be!

Thank you Beverly Batho, Debra Reybern, Gary Young and YLEO.

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