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Blood Pressure & Oregano

Author: Frank Seeley NCTMB CMT CRP
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Posted: 12-13-2004
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Research at Georgetown University Medical Center has found that a combination of naturally occurring edible oils may be effective in treating type 2 diabetes.

Harry Preuss, professor of physiology and biophysics at Georgetown, examined the effects of a combination of edible oils from fenugreek, cumin, pumpkin seed and oregano on rats with type 2 diabetes. A single dose of the oils decreased the rats' blood pressure, and daily doses kept the blood pressure at a lower level during a three-week study period. When researchers stopped giving the oil mixture, blood pressure returned to its normal levels. The oils also enhanced the rats' insulin sensitivity, that is, they needed less insulin to control their blood glucose levels. "Our results suggest that combinations of various edible oils improved glucose metabolism in these diabetic rats, and may be important in the treatment of different forms of human diabetes as well as the high blood pressure that often accompanies it," Preuss said. "We are encouraged by the results of this small study and plan to conduct more research to try to find new ways to treat diabetes with fewer side effects."

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