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Used Peppermint To Turn A Breech Twin Baby

Author: Jennifer Gaites
Location: NY, United States
Posted: 02-01-2011
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As I entered my third trimester of pregnancy with two perfectly developing, healthy babies and good reports all around, hope for a completely natural birth was growing. But my stubborn baby girl (baby B, as she was called because she was higher up and further from the cervix) refused to listen as I told her daily to get into the proper position. I was told that around 32-33 weeks of gestation is the point when most twins no longer have the space to change their position.
After my 32 weeks check-up, when baby girl was still in the breech (head-up) position, I decided I would give in to the persistent suggestions of a friend who was in love with her Young Living oils. She prepped me by sending testimonials via e-mail and came to my house with another friend and some peppermint oil.

She told me to do what I felt with the oil, based on the knowledge I had gained from the testimonials I had read. As I was very afraid that I would turn both babies and have a new problem, I only applied the peppermint where I knew Baby Girl's head was (on my right upper abdomen). As I was always able to find and feel her head at this point in my pregnancy and, with a very recent sonogram, this was a pretty easy task.

I applied a drop or two, with prayer, while my friends were at my house and once more before I went to bed. By the following day, I could no longer find baby girl's head where I was normally able to feel it. I figured she may have moved slightly but certainly if she had flipped over, I would have felt it! I continued two to three times daily until my next doctor visit.

The 33 weeks sonogram was one of the most exciting days I can remember. As the sonographer nonchalantly scanned my belly, she noted head one and head two - RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! Of course this meant nothing to her but I wanted to jump off the table and do a dance!

My twins were born on June 21st, 2010 at 37 1/2 weeks gestation. They were born drug-free (thanks also to Clary sage oil that was used to speed labor and avoid pitocin) and naturally to their ecstatic parents. They weighed in at 6 lbs 5oz (Baby Boy) and 5lbs 15oz (Baby Girl). They roomed in with their momma and went home three days later. They and the oils have continued to be such a blessing and a gift from God.

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