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Suggestions For Cystic Fibrosis

Author: Frank Seeley NCTMB CMT CRP
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Location: NJ, United States
Posted: 12-13-2004
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Some people begin this treatment with the Cleansing Trio, one who had her mother do this was using the Trio for 3 months while she was on the ventilator, after starting they noticed very large Bowel movements full of stringy mucous even though she was not eating that much food. As the cleansing continued her abdomen decreased and became flat. and her lung condition improved. She was also using Power Meal, ImmuGel, VitaGreen, Mineral Essence, Sulfurzyme, Chelex, Mint Condition. and alternated ImmuGel with Exodus. AlkaLime did not work for her, it made it harder to breath. She also applied Raven, Lavender, Frankincense, Hyssop and Myrrh to her chest and back. these thinned the mucous so that she could expel it, breathing more clearly and easier.

An article in YL Essential Edge magazine 1999 Convention issue, on Rosmarinus officinalis CT Verbenon, Rosemary, does not mention cystic fibrosis, it states that it is highly esteemed for it's regenerative properties, and is preferred for respiratory infections since it can be diffused or inhaled. It is one of the most highly regarded EOs in aromatherapy because it combines a powerful antiseptic/antimicrobial action with a relatively non-irritating nature. According to Daniel Penoel MD, Rosemary is expectorant and mucolytic (helping us to break up and discharge excess mucous arising from allergies or infections) bactericidal, veridical, antispasmodic, and balancing to the endocrine glands (where our immune system is monitored).
Rhese words are not mine, but have come to me from others, any information provided hereto, is not meant to prescribe nor diagnose and there fore is just for educational purposes only.

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