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Staph Infection On Nose

Author: Whitney R.
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Date: 11-16-2010
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This is a long story, but very well worth your time reading!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with what appeared to be a deep tissue zit on my nose (those ones that hurt so bad!). The next day I woke up and when I looked into the mirror I saw that my nose was very swollen and had many red dots on it. The first thing I thought was "I have a lot of zits that are inflammed." So I applied Lavender (I only use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils). After about an hour the swelling was completely gone, but the bumps still remained. I applied Lavender a couple more times, but thought it would just go away.

After a couple days, my nose began to blister up and started getting some scabs. When I would push on it, it felt like it was bruised. I was examining it for a while and I thought I had either gotten bit by a spider or some kind of bug, or that I had poison oak. So I looked it up in the Essential Oil Desk Reference and saw that Purification was recommended for each of these. So, I applied it for a couple days. The blisters had gone away and I just had a bunch of scabs. These weren't normal scabs though. Instead of a rough and scratchy scab, these were smooth scabs and I noticed that it was very moist underneath it. I thought I needed to dry it out, so I was dipping a towel in hot salt water and putting it over the spot a couple times a day.

After a week, it wasn't spreading, but it didn't seem to be healing up. So, upon examining it some more in the mirror, I noticed there was a little bit of pus under one of the scabs. I didn't know if I should be getting it out or what so I decided to go to the doctor to see what he thought about it. He told me that I had a little bit of a Staph infection, but said that he was suprised that it hadn't spread as much as he thought it should have in a weeks time. He asked me what I did to take care of it, and only decided to tell him about the salt water compress and not about the oils! He prescribed me some kind of cream and an antibiotic, which I did not pick up.

He had also told me that I needed to remove the scabs and scrub with anti-bacterial soap. So, when I got home I removed the scabs and scrubbed the area with Thieves foaming hand soap (and boy did it burn!). Then I applied some Thieves EO. Everytime I would switch between Thieves, Oregano & Thyme, and Frankincense (I scrubbed and applied EO's at least 3X a day...and it does burn, but in a bacteria killing way!). I was also taking Oregano, Thyme, and Frankincense in a Vegetable Capsule twice a day (you could also try Oregano, Thyme, and Thieves). I just used a couple drops of each and a couple drops of V-6.

After a few days I could see that there was no more staph and at that point I started applying Myrrh and Rosewood to rejuevenate the skin. This has been two and a half weeks ago and you can barely see where it was! I love Young Living Essential Oils!

I hope this was helpful!

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