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My Miscarriage Experience

Author: Rebecca H.
Date: 11-05-2010
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I started having trouble over the weekend and on Monday morning, when the doctor told us our baby (at 12 weeks gestation) didn't have a heartbeat; I went very rapidly to a calm, quiet acceptance that this is what the Lord wanted for us. He gave us options for dealing with the physical discomfort that was bound to occur and for handling the miscarriage. We (of course) chose to go the most natural route and wait for the miscarriage to occur naturally.

And I did that-sort of. We got through some things we had to take care of on Monday, but on Tuesday, I went to the chiropractor and had an adjustment.

He said wait a day and see what happens. So, to honor his request and treatment, which I know played a role, I waited until about 5 PM on Wednesday, then I broke out the oils. In the meantime, I read online and asked around, but there isn't a protocol that I could find for dealing with a miscarriage situation. I read everything I could in the pregnancy protocols (and they helped because there are some similarities) but realized I'd be going this pretty much without a guide.

It may be different for you, but here's what I did. When I felt inside I was ready face what was coming, I knew in my heart it was time to start trying oils, I picked up Clary Sage, smelled it for a brief moment, capped it and put it in my front pocket. Thinking I would put the oil on my tummy while outside, I walked outside to watch my boy play on his bike. I took a phone call for a couple minutes while I was outside and suddenly I felt a rush and I was soaked (with just a quick inhalation and placement in my front pocket! Wow, I didn't expect that!).

I went inside and arranged for help with my boy, texted my husband to come home and everything just kept coming. Over the next 2.5 hours, when I was off the toilet, I soaked 10 overnight pads. We talked to the doctor via phone because it seemed to be going on for a long time and there seemed to be a lot of blood. We heard stories about women who nearly died because of loss of blood so we wanted to be careful.

A little while after we got off the phone with the doctor, I just knew that it was time for it to be over, I asked my husband for Dragon Time, Clary Sage and Geranium. When he brought them, I chose two. I put Geranium all over my tummy to help stop the bleeding. I layered that with Dragon Time to help with cramping (Dragon Time always helps with normal menstrual cramping and lower back pain, too) and very shortly, we could both tell the major bleeding was letting up. Cramps were fewer and farther between also.

I reapplied Dragon Time and actually felt ready to eat something and soon to get up and walk around. The doctor had strongly recommended taking pain medication to help with pains and bleeding. Because the oils were keeping me comfortable, I did not have to use even one of those prescription pain pills. I was so thankful to have the oils and not have to turn to narcotic pain meds, which I know from my first labor experience (before oils) make me paranoid and can cause me to pass out. My husband was thankful also.

For 7-10 days after my miscarriage, bleeding continued and every afternoon, I was wiped out, my cramps would return, I had to lay down. I used Clary Sage, Dragon Time or Cistus over my tummy to help with pains. My husband anointed my back liberally with PanAway and we added Peppermint during one intense back pain episode. I lay on a heating pad after applying the oils to drive them in deeper.

Throughout the course of this experience, I was so thankful for all the prayers that were holding us up and also for these amazing therapeutic-grade oils that the Lord brought into our lives. The two together gave me a special confidence and I just knew what to do at each turn. This doesn't normally happen, I almost always check the essential oils reference book, I follow recipes when I cook; I need music to play the piano; notes when I speak in public. But this situation didn't have a protocol-at least until now. I hope it has helped others in some way.

It takes awhile for hormones to calm down after a miscarriage, (just like after a full, complete pregnancy) so I've kept Dragon Time pretty close by and it has helped me manage over some rough patches. An oil I maybe should have added for pain and didn't think of until later was Young Living therapeutic grade Frankincense.

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pregnancy - "The methods of aromatherapy were applied sitz bath or soap application using essential oils with Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Rose, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange, and Roman Chamomile.... [T]hese findings indicate that postpartum aromatherapy for perineal care could be effective in healing the perineum."Link

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