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Gums, Periodontal Disease, Teeth

Author: Allison Davis
Location: OK, United States
Posted: 10-30-2010
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Im 49 and have had gum issues for about 20 years. Periodontal surgery twice for large pockets and infection. The last surgery was about 10 years ago. 6 months ago the dentist and subsequently his periodontist said I had a 7mm pocket and that I should have surgery. I believe scraping the teeth is a precursor to this in many situations. I went to a holistic dentist for a second opinion. He thought if I was diligent and added a waterpik I could maintain the gums. So I decided to do that.

For 2 months I was diligent about first flossing with Thieves floss, then using a proxy brush in larger gaps between my teeth, then brushing with Thieves toothpaste, then using the waterpik with the gum attachment. At first I added an herbal gum irrigant to the water (that I got from the holistic dentist) in the Waterpik, then after I ran out I added about 3 drops of Thieves. And then I finished by swishing the Thieves mouthwash. Two months later that pocket was 3mm and my teeth were in great shape. Also if I have a sore place on my gums I usually rub Thieves or Clove on it and it is gone in a couple of days.

I did this tooth routine only once a day in the morning. Nothing at night.


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