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My Wife Wrote About My Heart Attack Recovery

Author: Larry Ross
Location: CO, United States
Posted: 11-10-2004
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Word Length: 398
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In 2003 Larry had two heart attacks, one at the end of February and the other at the end of May. The 2nd heart attack damaged the lower and back half of his heart. Larry started a cardiac rehabilitation program and had difficulties getting through the exercising. He experienced extreme fatigue, shortness of breath and frequent angina. The telemetry monitor he wore during the exercising displayed that every third heart beat was skipped. He asked the doctor about it and was told that it was part of the damage done to his heart and he would have to live with it the rest of his life.

He started taking Cardia Care and noticed a marked change in how he felt and his ability to get through the exercising sessions. Due to finances, Larry only took 2 Cardia Care twice a day instead of the recommended 3 twice a day. He stopped taking it several days before a thalium treadmill test and did very poorly on the test and in rehab sessions. After the test, he started taking the Cardia Care again and noticed the difference at his next rehab session. Since then he has taken it on a regular basis and did very well through the remainder of his cardiac rehab program (except for a broken toe) and is still feeling better.

In May 2004 he noticed the skipped heart beat didn't seem to be there anymore (he was supposed to have this the rest of his life due to heart muscle damage close to a valve). His cardiologist confirmed that the skipped heart beat is no longer there. We are assuming that his heart muscle is rebuilding and his circulation in his cardiac arteries is better. His cardiologist said to keep doing what he is doing.

Also, last spring he started using the Ningxia Red once a day. He also applies Aroma Life, Marjoram and Helichrysum oils over his heart every night. He drinks at least 3 quarts of lemon water per day and applies Grapefruit oil over his liver daily. We use Aroma Life because it has the marjoram, helichrysum and ylang ylang. He uses extra helichrysum to help clean his arteries and remove heavy metals. He uses the extra marjoram because it is supposed to help rebuild muscle tissue. Oh... and we used oils to control the pain and heal the broken toe.

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