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Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Author: Amy Ruff
Location: TN, United States
Posted: 10-06-2010
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Word Length: 160
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I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and immediately had stinging, swelling and redness around the area. I applied Purification neat (not diluted) to the bite and within 15 min. the swelling was gone. I then applied Lavender neat and repeated the Purification and Lavender several more times within the first hour of the bite. I would have used Basil if I had any, it is supposed to neutralize the venom. However, the Purification and Lavender worked beautifully for me.

My bite looked like a bullseye with the bite in the center and then a white ring around it followed by a large, bright red ring. I was bitten 5 days ago and it has reduced in size tremendously and is looking like an old bruise now. I have continued to apply the oils once or twice daily since that first night. The pain was gone after about 12 hr. I praise God for these oils!

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