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Oregano For Strep Throat

Author: Marita Hay
Skill: Raindrop Technique
Location: AZ, United States
Posted: 08-17-2010
Views: 3,467
Word Length: 147
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I used to get strep throat once in a while. I heard that stirring a drop of oregano oil in a glass of water and gargling for a second and swallowing it might clear it up quickly. It worked for me! I recommended it to a friend who could hardly talk because of the pain of her strep throat. She drank the oregano oil and declared she would never do that again! She was skeptical. (It is hot and has a bite to it)

The next morning she knocked on my door and was wanting another glassful. The soreness was almost completely gone and she wanted to give it one more boost to get rid of it completely. That worked! Since then it has worked several times for our family. Also try putting a couple drops on your tongue.

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