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Thieves For Cold Sores

Author: Lori Clark
Location: AK, United States
Posted: 07-16-2010
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In the past, I've tried various OTC creams/balms for cold sore relief. It seems that certain things work better for different people, much like YL Oils. This time, though, I caught my cold sore early enough...
I felt the tell-tale tingling and itching in the spot I normally get a cold sore. I looked in the mirror and there was a raised irritated looking bump...looks like a bad one! I took a Lysine tab, as that usually decreases the duration of my cold sores by a few days.

Then, I immediately took out my Thieves Oil and put a drop on my finger, and rubbed it on my lip. (Careful not to lick your lips too soon, as it can be a bit unpleasant at first.) A few hours later my husband came home with the requested Herpecin-L that I normally use and I haven't even needed it! The dreaded cold sore never materialized! Lesson of the day- apply Thieves Oil as soon as you suspect a cold sore!

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