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A Wonderful Anti-itch

Author: Mark Berberich
Location: MI, United States
Posted: 06-09-2010
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I recently moved from Michigan to Georgia, where the climate offers ideal growing conditions for poison ivy, poison oak, & poison sumac. While cleaning up some leaves and underbrush from the yard I inadvertently came into contact with all three (that's what I get for not paying attention.) The itchy rash started within 24 hours and the itch was painful. I found an old remedy but was still itching so, after recalling that Clove Essential Oil has topical anesthetic properties, I applied several drops of my Young Living Therapeutic Grade Clove Essential Oil to the areas that itched most, some of which I had scratched raw in my sleep. The itch ceased immediately!

Now remember, I said I had scratched some of the affected areas raw ~ whatever you do, unless you've got some Young Living V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex or high-quality organic olive oil or coconut oil handy, do not, I repeat ~ DO NOT!!! apply this oil to open wounds as it will burn like an infernal fire!!

At any rate, the itch was gone instantly, and did not come back until the area started to dry and heal (which is normal.) And, as always, NEVER use an inferior essential oil! And the only way I know of to make 100% cerain you are using only the purest, cleanest and undiluted essential oil available is to purchase and use only Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

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