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Multiple Sclerosis

Author: Susan Stone
Skill: Healer
Location: FL, United States
Posted: 05-24-2010
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Although there is no current study going on that I am aware of regarding the use of specific essential oils to combat the affects of Multiple Sclerosis, I would love to find a doctor/biochemist who would like to study what I have been doing for the past year. I feel that I owe the most to the healing oil of Helichrysum Italicum. I had never felt such a feeling before!

In a nutshell, I was diagnosed in 2004 with Multiple Sclerosis and had to quit my job just a year later due to weakness, cognitive issues, fatigue, you name it! I was going downhill and the pace seemed to be picking up. It was so bad that my neurologist had me taking a combination of two different injections (Copaxone and Betaseron)to try to stop my lesions, especially in the brain stem, to stop growing. With the cocktail of RX medication and the shots, I was on a road to eternal doom, at least I felt like it.

In 2007, I was told that I was heading toward Secondary Progressive MS. I suspected that the meds were not working and had already stopped taking some of them. Starting in October of 2008, I decided to start weaning myself off of all of my medication. I started with the easiest and ended with the shots, just in case they were helping.

By the end of April 2009, I was virtually RX-free! I was able to do this by using the "MS Recipe" I found in an essential oil recipe book. I started using a combination of Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint, and Helichrysum oils along with Aroma Siez, Marjoram, PanAway, Idaho Fir Needles, and several others. These oils have brought me back to life, so to speak. No one would even know I have MS now! There are a lot more facets to what brought me up to this level, but the use of the oils were a big part of it!

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