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Brain Power Provides Mental Clarity

Author: Hollie Drange
Location: WA, United States
Posted: 03-25-2010
Views: 3,178
Word Length: 183
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Have you ever felt like you just couldn't focus your mind or your thoughts? I have that feeling quite a bit. I went to an Essential Oils get together in the summer in 2009 and the person heading this get together, to my surprise, immediately asked me if I felt like my head was foggy. I said yes, all the time. She asked me if she could apply an Essential Oil and see how I felt in 15-20 minutes. I said, sure, not thinking that anything significant would happen in that short amount of time.

She applied Brain Power, and in 15-20 minutes she stopped her conversation and asked me how I felt. I felt more clear, and focused and she said that my face even had color come back into it. There is something that is in the Brain Power Essential Oil that I just love the sent of, and I feel like I can't get enough of it. I use Brain Power on a daily basis also, applying it the same as I do for migraines.

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