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What To Do For Herpes

Author: April Robyn
Skill: Reiki Practitioner
Location: OR, United States
Posted: 09-22-2009
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No one really wants to talk about this subject, but Melissa oil is the one. Yes, it burns like a #$*! but it works. Both oral and genital. Use a q tip with very little cotton on it so you can direct the oil. For the first three days, put it on 2-3 times a day. Then down to once a day or so. After a couple of outbreaks of doing this, you will be very happy to have no more problems. If you can't afford Melissa, Thieves oil is the next best oil. Have a carrier oil around in case of burning.

My daughter has had horrible outbreaks of oral herpes for years- outbreaks that would cover her entire lip. I had actually contacted the virus from kissing her years ago when she had an outbreak. My first experience with a 'cold sore' was awful. I immeadiately remembered about the Melissa oil. I started using it and it would cut the sore time down. When I started to feel an outbreak I would put Melissa on right away. It burns, but for the right reasons. I could actually feel the virus moving around on my lip trying to find a place to pop out. I carried Melissa oil with and put it on probably too much in the beginning because it would burn the skin around my mouth. Eventually I discovered that putting it on three times a day is sufficient. As soon as a scab appeared or the sore hardened I stopped using the oil.

I have not had an outbreak in over a year and I used to have outbreaks at least twice a year. My daughter has very few outbreaks now (she has been using melissa for a year) and I soon know she won't have any, as I do.

Since Melissa worked so well on oral herpes, I asked a friend ( whose name obviously does not choose to be used) who had genital herpes to experiment with melissa to see what happened. She has not had an outbreak in over a year and she reported that she would get them every three months.

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