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Post Surgery Healing

Author: Mona Cheney
Location: NV, United States
Posted: 09-06-2009
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Due to a nasty car wreck last October I had to have surgery to fuse my neck. I have been using Balsam Fir and Deep Relief and told the doctor that I wasn't in "pain" so much as I couldn't get rid of the head ache. He explained to me that I had bulging discs, and they were actually rubbing against each other, and causing more damage, and would continue until I had a titanium cage put in. I agreed to the surgery and kept using the oils. I was told that after the surgery I would have to wear a hard neck brace for two months, followed by a soft neck brace for three months.

I got the pain recipe from Julie, and tried three capsules the night before surgery, and slept very well. I wasn't hungry all day as I waited for the surgery, which surprised me.

After the surgery I took the pills as needed, and I did take the pain meds a couple times when I first woke up. The doctor came in post surgery and said he was AMAZED at how little I bled. He said that I hadn't needed a transfusion even though the surgery took two and half hours. I don't remember much of the next day, except I took the pain mixture every couple of hours.

Two days after my surgery I went back to the doctor, he took Xrays and said i could take the hard brace off, and use the soft, unless I was in a car! He said I had no swelling, and was healing up fast. I still have to sleep in the soft brace, but if I am home, and not being active I don't have to use a brace at all!

I do not know that the oils caused all this, but I have had surgery many times before and not healed like this, and the only difference in my lifestyle is the oils and supplements from Young Living. I will continue to use these and share whenever possible, no one should suffer needlessly!

20 drops of Valerian, 20 Vetiver, 10 Helichrysum, 5 Clove, 5 Peppermint, I added 5 Drops Balsam Fir and 5 Drops of Lemon.

"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others." Chinese proverb

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