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Frankincense And Fibroid Tumors

Author: Sonia Valdez
Location: TX, United States
Posted: 01-05-2009
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Word Length: 233
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I was diagnosed with a grape-fruit size fibroid tumor along with soft tissue growths on one ovary and was scheduled for surgery. Mind you, this tumor was growing every day and I looked like I was slightly pregnant. The surgery was about 5 weeks away and I was feeling more and more discomfort so I started to use Frankincense because of the anti-tumoral properties. I made some capsules of 3-5 drops mixed with V-6 oil and took one twice a day.

After just two days of taking them, I began to sweat heavily even while just sitting at my desk at work. Along with that, my already heavy period was getting heavier. I also continued to feel slightly fatigued for a couple of days but continued to take the Frankincense.

By the third day I felt much better and I felt the swelling of my stomach had actually reduced. I took the capsules for five consecutive days. While using Frankincense, my body flushed a lot of the toxins that were built up in my uterus and I felt much better as a result.

Eventually, I also used Frankincense and Lavender on the area of my abdomen where my incision was to be to help to strengthern the tissue prior to surgery and reduce scarring. I've been pleased with the results and my Doctor has commented on how well and how quickly the incision has healed.

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