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My Breached Baby Turned With Peppermint

Author: Jessica Wild
Location: AZ, United States
Posted: 09-09-2004
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Word Length: 256
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During my fourth pregnancy, I had some bleeding issues at about 32 weeks. Maren the baby, was annoying the placenta and I was bleeding because of it. At the time, I really struggled with what to do to help her move away so it could heal. I finally settled on Peppermint oil!

Earlier in the pregnancy, she would engage her head in my cervix SO much that I could not walk for the sciatic pain...and I would rub peppermint LOW on my belly, and she'd move up enough for me to be comfortable. So I did it again when I needed her to move away from the placenta. Again...worked GREAT, BUT, she turned FRANK BREACH instead of just moving a bit. So, I have had a baby head in my LIVER *grin* for about five weeks, let me tell you, quite uncomfortable! *laughing*

Last night, I decided to communicate with her again that it was time to move BACK to head down, so we can get this show on the ROAD *grin* and decided once again to use peppermint oil. I put it all over the top of my belly, and went to bed. Let me clarify for you that there was NO DOUBT that she was breach. Her HEAD was in my stomach...hard as a ROCK! This morning, at my doctors' appointment, she is once again head down, engaged. ALL BECAUSE OF PEPPERMINT OIL!! What a blessing these oils are! Just wanted to share!

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