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Amalgam Removal Detox Helped By Juva Cleanse

Author: Sherlene T.
Date: 06-23-2008
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I had all of my 18 amalgams removed by a biological dentist in 4 stages over several months. The dentist used all the proper equipment including an extraction fan, rubber dam and I was also taking all the nutritional supplments he prescribed as well, including Vitamin C flushes, selinium, glutathionine and many others, but despite all these precautions, I still became very sick from the toxins released in the removal process.

Within 1/2 hour of having my third quadrant of the amalgams removed, I was vomiting, had diahorrea and got an incredibly intense headache which became a migraine. I had the headache for 2 weeks, when it finally eased off, leaving me weak and feeling very fragile. I still felt wretched and was very anxious about getting the final quadrant of amalgams removed.

Having told all this infomation to my sister, a Young Living Essential Oils distributor, I was given a book to read which contained the information that the essential oil Helichrysum bound mercury so that it could not act like a free radical and thus cause toxic side effects. I then found that the oil blend called Juva Cleanse contained Helichrysum as well as Celery Seed and Ledum essential oils. I decided to try Juva Cleanse to help me cope with the toxins which would be released into my body during the final amalgam removal procedure.

From the information in the book, I decided to take 6 drops of Juva Cleanse in a capsule before leaving the dentist's surgery. To my incredible relief, I felt no side effects whatsoever. I continued to take the same doseage of Juva Cleanse internally for two weeks, twice a day. After that I thought I was over the possibility of having symptoms and stopped taking the Juva Cleanse.

18 months after this, I became concerned over what I thought was a bladder infection, but the doctor tests revealed it was not an infection. The pain continued and I became aware that soon my kidneys were also extremely painful. I was using a hot water bag over my bladder and another one across my kidney area to try to dull the pain.

Another trip to the doctor told me that while my bladder and both my kidneys were inflamed, there was no infection. Then the doctor told me that as I had only 'recently' had my amalgams removed, perhaps my kidneys and bladder were inflamed. I recalled that the dentist had told me that when the amalgams are removed, the mercury and other heavy metals are excreted through my kidneys and bladder and this can be very toxic. The doctor then told me to take some more selenium. I did not have any more selenium, but I returned to the substance that helped me 18 months earlier.

I gotanother bottle of Juva Cleanse from my sister that same day, and took another dose of 6 drops in a capsule. My pain - which had controlled my life for months, was completely gone in 6 hours. I continued taking the Juva Cleanse till the bottle was empty again and have not had any more pain or inflamation since then in my bladder or kidneys. I am so very thankful that Gary Young created the oil blend Juva Cleanse and made it available to help others like myself who were suffering so much from what we believe was mercury poisoning.

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